Lost Runes is a quest in Diablo 4

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Lost Runes is a quest in Diablo 4 that sends players to look for Runes in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. Upon locating the first Diablo 4 Gold Rune players must pass the challenge of lighting nine Lamps simultaneously. These Lamps are located directly on the right side of the initial Rune, and this guide is designed to help players light them all and continue advancing in Diablo 4's Lost Runes quest.

Diablo 4: How to Light 9 Lamps At Once

There are a variety of ways to tackle this challenge but the most straightforward method starts with all Lamps in darkness. The players can go back to this pre-game state at any moment when they interact with the first Rune, as doing so could reset the Lamps. Once a fan of mobile RPG has established this initial setup then they must take these steps for completing the test:

Make contact with Lamps on the four corners. Any order will work.

Begin to interact with the Lamp at the center.

The alternative is to begin the puzzle through the illumination of the main Lamp and then proceed to tackle those four corners. Indeed, this approach will also result in all nine Lamps all lit and the players will be rewarded with their reward, and then the following quest stage. That next step is to be able to take the Rune to complete the Rune. The process is as simple as interfacing with the obelisk, which will now glow.

Then the players are instructed to set up the first Rune and then focus on getting the second. It's a relief that there's no challenge to acquiring that second Rune However, fans must prepare themselves for a little bit of combat during Diablo 4. After achieving victory in that battle, players place the second Rune in the statue and then proceed towards the 3rd.

Diablo 4 characters will not just be able to take in this fourth and the final Rune but they will first have to light it. That is done by hitting the Rune with an illumination beam, that players can guide by repositioning several Mirrors. This creates yet another challenge, and in fact, it might take players a bit of time to solve it.

When the Mirror puzzle is resolved The players will then place the third Rune back on the statue, and will have a brief chat about the subject with Curator. The Cheap Diablo IV Gold end of The Lost Runes quest, and Diablo players will notice that the quest "At Its Core now has a prominently among their journals.

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