SEEPEX to showcase progressive cavity pumps

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SEEPEX to showcase progressive cavity pumps

In food processing, SEEPEX pumps are ideal for transferring thin to highly viscous, sticky products and those containing soft solids. Their low shear action preserves the integrity of shear-sensitive products such as yoghurt, cream, yeast, ice cream and sauces. Hence, removing the need for costly additives to restore product texture and appearance.To get more news about progressive cavity pump, you can visit official website.

SEEPEX’s EHEDG pumps meet the highest hygiene standards for the food and beverage industries. Their internal design guarantees residue-free cleaning with CIP/SIP and the low shear pump action ensures the highest product quality. For highly viscous to non-flowable products, we also offer our open hopper pump ranges in hygienic design.
SEEPEX has created a pumping system for handling difficult food waste – such as fruit including stones, vegetables, poultry and ready meal packaging. This integrated maceration and pumping technology enables hygienic waste removal through enclosed pipework from high-care to low-risk areas. With this solution, waste volume can be reduced by up to 60% with significant transport cost savings.

Our Smart Air Injection (SAI) technology is used in breweries and distilleries to remove spent grain, draff and hops. This system uses a progressive cavity pump and pneumatic dense-phase conveying to boost efficiency and reduce energy use. SAI can convey products with 15-40% dry solids in 20-30 m long plugs over distances of up to 1,000 metres using controlled air pulses.

Ourdosing pumps are ideal for continuous and batch dosing with high precision and repeatable accuracy of ±1%. Non pulsating flow ensures even mixing and distribution of ingredients, such as colours and flavours, to maintain high-quality products and control costs. SEEPEX’s Digital Solutions can restore pump performance and efficiency, and increase uptime with predictive and planned maintenance.

“In few other sectors are the demands on pump technology higher than in the food and beverage industry. Our pumps are utilised widely for food waste processing but also meet the most stringent hygiene regulations for use in production“, explains Damian Clifford, Commercial Lead for SEEPEX UK.

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