Commercial Contracting Other examples of commercial contracts

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Commercial Contracting  Other examples of commercial contracts include: Joint venture agreement Shareholders agreement Business purchase agreement Purchase and supply agreement Sale and distribution agreement Franchise agreement Non-disclosure agreement Employment contracts Intellectual property license and assignment Partnership agreement Loan and finance agreements Related: learn about the other fundamental business agreements Purpose of commercial contracts No matter the size of your business, its success largely depends on your ability to ensure your commercial contracts accurately capture your business arrangements, adequately protect your interest, and limit your liability. Commercial contracts play various roles  CIPS L4M3 Exam Dumps in business operations: Define rights and obligations Your commercial contracts define the rights and obligations of each party in the business arrangement. Your contract details the terms agreed upon so parties know their responsibilities. Provide a reference for dispute resolution Business disputes are common. Whether parties try to resolve the dispute themselves or via arbitration or litigation, the commercial contract will be used to determine where the fault lies. Protect business interest Whether it’s through a confidentiality clause, an indemnity clause, or any other means, commercial contracts allow you to protect your interest and minimize risk from dealing with other parties. We represent a broad spectrum of Australian and international clients, ranging from Federal and State government entities and listed companies to small businesses. We are able to assist our clients to keep their contractual documentation and processes at an exceptional standard. Commercial contracting is a distinct area of strength for our firm.


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