Custom Metal Converyor Belts

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Custom Metal Converyor Belts Rod reinforced weave belts are very similar to conventional weave belts,Both of them are used single spiral wires;the difference is that the rod reinforced weave belts are crossed by rods or U-rods to be linked;the selvages are weld or knuckled edge.the rod reinforced weave belts are more stronger and increase the load weight. The smooth, stable and strength surface are determined that it is suitable for heavy duty ship.So it is often used in high temperature furnace oven as metal conveyor belts such as sintering, brazing,quenching, tempering, annealing, heat treatment and so on. For selvage of rod reinforced belts, there are welded and knuckled edge to be chosen Characteristics and advantage 鈼?nbsp;Suitable for heavy loads weight and high temperature 鈼?nbsp;Direct run, friction driven 鈼?nbsp;Long working life 鈼?nbsp;Welded or knuckled edge 鈼?nbsp;Very sensitive when setting and running, work in low speed; Specification 鈼?nbsp;Rod pitch:3.0mm-50mm 鈼?nbsp;Spiral wire Pitch 3.0mm-50mm 鈼?nbsp;Rod wire:0.9mm-5.5mm 鈼?nbsp;Spiral wire:0.6-5.5mm 鈼?nbsp;SS304,316,310,314 and other alloy Selvage options Endless welded cross rods Closed guard plate edges Insert rails as reinforcement Weld Application: 鈼?nbsp;Sintering 鈼?nbsp;Annealing 鈼?nbsp;Brazing 鈼?nbsp;Hardening 鈼?nbsp;Heat treatment Markets: 鈼?nbsp;Annealing 鈼?nbsp;Glass 鈼?nbsp;Automotive 鈼?nbsp;High temperatureCustom Metal Converyor Belts website:

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