Box Forming Machine

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Box Forming Machine ZX-2000 High Speed Double Workshop Paper Box Machine The machine ZX-2000 is suitable for carton forming, especially the carton of fast food industry, such as hamburger box, take-away paper box and so on. Compared with the ordinary carton erecting machine, the speed is more fast and the prodcution is more efficient. Technical Parameters锛?/strong> Model :ZX-2000 Speed:100-300pcs/min Material:200-620gsm Corrugating paper thick:1.6mm Box size锛?/p> Length: L100-450mm Degree:5掳-45掳 Width:B100-600mm Height:H 15-200mm Power 锛?/p>3.7kw Air requirement锛?/p>0.5Mpa, 0.4cube/min Power source:380V 50Hz Size:2300*2200*2100mm Weight锛?/p>2300kgs Machine diagram: With picture:Box Forming Machine website:

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