Ems Gym Training

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1. Product Introduction of ems gym training?The BodyTech EMS combines the right ingredients to form a revolutionary system: The most innovative technology combined with optimal results and optimal comfort.?2. Product Parameter of the ems gym trainingTechnics: Frosted
 Power: DC power
 Backlight Type:LED
 Scart: optionalMaterial: aluminum&stainless steel
 Function: beauty&gain muscle
 Display size:
 Mode: home/gym/sport fieldAvailable colour: silver
 Model Number:
 weight:22.5KG3. Product Feature And Application of ems gym trainingThe BodyTech System equipment transmits low- and medium- frequency electricity through 12 independent channels which work just on the muscles..Reduction of celluiteThe increased vascularity of the connective tissue repaid improve in the condition of the skin, reduces sagging and produces a gradual rejuvenation.ToningBalances The Body Mass Index. Defines and refines, Acts on the bone structure, Correcting the posture. Strengthens the tendons and improves Blood Circulation.Body BuildingImmediate increase in Lean Mass, isotonic and isometric exercises acting on more than 300 muscles stimultaneously.4. Production Details of the whole body ems5. Product Qualification of the whole body emsOur production line is in conform with ISO 9001 and ISO 13185 standards. Our EMS devices meet the requirements and they are certified technologies according to CE, European Union, CSA International, Canada CSA Standards, Russian Federation, and CIS Countries.6. Deliver, Shipping And serving of the whole body emsPackaging Details: Factory standard packaging or customziedDelivery Time: 15 daysShipping Method: FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, air or sea freight7. FAQQ: Are you a factory or Trading company ?A: We are a company which is the joint of trade and industry.Q: Will I get wet during workout from BodyTech ems gym training equipment ?A: In order to ensure appropriate impulse transfer electrode surfaces need to be dampened for good contact between the machineand the customer.Q: Where are your products mainly sold?A: Our products sold in the mainland China keeps growing steadily. As for the globe, our customers are mainly from Europe, South Korea and the Middle East.Q: What is the development scheme of your company?A: Our company focuses on the product quality all along the way. Therefore, in the future, our scheme is concentrated on the product development, maintaining the steady advance of customers service and agent distribution.Q: Do I have to move or exercise during workout from BodyTech EMS training suits equipment?A: Yes, augments the favourable effects of EMS workout as opposed to exercising alone.8. Latest News http://www.bodytech-emsfitness.com/ems-fitness/whole-body-ems/ems-gym-training.html

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