A packaging giant has invested in a new die-cutting machine

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A packaging giant has invested in a new die-cutting machine

It comes as the family-run company, which manufactures packaging for most major supermarket chains, undergoes a multi-million-pound extension. This will add a further 50,000 sq ft to its headquarters and increase turnover – the last financial year saw the UK turnover top £46m, up by more than 20 per cent year on year..Get more news about die cutting plastic recycling machine,you can vist our website!

Justin Wilkins, the company’s sales and marketing director, said: “As with any investment in machinery, it’s always exciting to have a new addition to our range of kit.

“But the fact that we are the first in the UK to have taken the bold step to buy this machine, is just fantastic and demonstrates our commitment to innovate and our think-outside-the-box ethos.

“We are currently monitoring its performance, and hope to be a beacon of good practice.”

The investment comes a year after The Wilkins Group purchased a £1.1m cutting and creasing machine from Bobst adding to the firms fleet of Bobst machines in its UK portfolio.

In 2020, Wilkins also spent £50,000 on a new sampling machine which gives its clients a more realistic idea of the products it can produce, as well as £300,000 on a new tray-forming machine as part of its campaign to help drive the industry from single-use plastic to recyclable cardboard.

Meanwhile, the site extension, scheduled for completion this Summer, is expected to bring extra jobs, alongside the staff it currently employs at Colwick, as well as its factories in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and China.

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