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McDonald’s Japan arrived late to the rice burger game, not offering sandwiches with discs of rice instead of buns until decades after some of its local rivals had. It’s making up for lost time, though, by regularly adding new rice burgers to its menu, and it’s just announced a new selection that has our stomachs growling in anticipation.Get more news about Rice Burger Forming,you can vist our website!

Starting things off is the new 510-yen (US$3.45) Gohan Kalbi (gohan being the Japanese word for rice), an extra-meaty combination of two types of beef. The all-beef patty is topped with beef kalbi, yakiniku-style boneless short rib treated with a spicy marinade, accompanied by a sweet lemon sauce for the sandwich. The rice is special too, as McDonald’s is using koshihikari grown in Niigata Prefecture, considered one of the most delicious types of Japanese rice, for its rice burgers.

Also making its debut is the 440-yen Gohan Chicken Koku Uma Shoyu Shidate (Rich Delicious Soy Sauce Gohan Chicken). The name may be a mouthful, but there’s also a lot to love. You get a deep-fried chicken breast covered with a slice of cheddar cheese, but the serious flavor should come from the garlic soy sauce with sweet diced onion.

And last, rounding out the new rice burger lineup and the holy trio of meats, the 420-yen pork-patty Gohan Teriyaki is returning to McDonald’s Japan after a hiatus from the menu. The teriyaki is a special blend with strong ginger notes, crafted to deliver both sweet and spicy flavors.

All three go on sale November 2 and are limited-time items, not just in that they’ll be available for an indefinite period of time, but also because they’re only offered as part of the Yoru Mac menu that McDonald’s Japan branches start serving after 5 p.m.

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