Single vs. Double Wall Custom Boxes

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The process for creating corrugated cardboard is simple. It starts with paper pulp that is rolled into different thicknesses for the outer walls and inner material. From there, it goes through a specialized machine that takes the sheets of paper and makes a series of cuts before gluing them together and folding the pieces into a box.Get more news about Packaging Boxes 1 Layer,you can vist our website!

The result is a solid box. Corrugated cardboard is much more firm than a regular box. As such it is a good choice for protecting your valuables, and it will also handle shipping and handling with a lot less damage than you might see when using other shipping products.

These boxes come in a couple of varieties: single-walled corrugated boxes, which are most common, and double-walled boxes, which have extra strength. Both are made with a fluted paper sheet glued between two sheets of lined paper to create a sturdy design.

Single Wall Boxes
Single wall boxes are the most commonly used type of box in the shipping and e-commerce industries. Single wall corrugated cardboard is very cost-effective to produce and use as packaging. It provides both the cushioned protection and rigidity that is critical for protecting items in a shipping container or throughout other forms of transport.

Double Wall Boxes
These are less common, but businesses choose double-wall corrugated cardboard when extra strength is needed. The difference is simple: double wall boxes use two layers of fluted paper between the cardboard’s outer walls rather than just one layer of fluting. The result is a stronger box that is ideal for heavy items or products that need more protection than you would get from a single wall box. Due to their durability, double wall boxes are also the better choice for long-term storage.

Which Type of Custom Box is Right for You?
The most important thing to think about when choosing custom boxes is how they will ultimately be used—shipping, overseas shipping, long-term storage, and so on. When you’re ready to learn more, Express Packaging has a few resources available for you. Start with our listings of custom corrugated boxes to get a feel for the types of products we offer. To provide you with even more information, we’ve prepared a guide to ordering custom boxes.

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