The Great Age of Science and Technology in the Other World

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Cameron nodded. He understood what Adaya meant. At the same time, he didn't want anything to happen to Ai Rui. Since it was only a day or two, it was no big deal. Cameron, in order to restrain Ai Rui. Find her in person: "Ai Rui, you are going to your tribe, don't let your people leave a bad impression, so you should be good, don't leave the team at will." "Uncle Cameron, I don't want to go to the Green Elf Tribe. Let's go back to the Desert Castle." "I think they must be up to no good. They seem to be afraid that I will run away.". I felt like I was in prison, and they didn't look at me so kindly, as if I owed them, which made me uncomfortable. I do not know why, this time to see the long-lost people, and did not let Ai Rui feel cordial, but let her feel like an enemy to meet, all their own requests, they are first asked for Aidaya and Amira, will serve themselves, which makes her doubly uncomfortable. No one wants to be excluded, but also ask themselves to save their own exclusion, Ai Rui is not a great man,china tile trim, but only a half-grown child, she will not pay for the people she hates and the people who hate herself, if at the beginning, the clan is about to perish, the heart will not bear, but now there is no such feeling. She and the green elves are even like strangers. As Li Hengxin said at the beginning, the joy of making himself the savior of the green elves has completely disappeared, and the closer he gets to the end,aluminium tile trim profiles, the stronger the sense of disgust becomes. She instinctively repelled the green elves and returned to the tribe. "Cameron is sitting with Iris on a mound of earth, and the green elves are making a fire and making camp on the grass below." Ai Rui, did your master teach you to finish what you start? Cameron asked in a low voice. But I still don't want to go back. I hate them and they hate me. Ai Rui beeped her mouth and said discontentedly. Do you know my old tribe? That was five years ago, when I was regarded as the greatest patriarch of the Green Goblin, and I made the Green Goblin stronger than ever. At that time, the population of the Green Goblin reached one hundred thousand, and they built a small city by themselves. Some people even proposed to let me build a country like human beings. I also thought that the Green Goblin was very powerful. I was so great. But overnight, I never thought that the Green Goblin was so vulnerable and fragile. A disaster destroyed our small city. For a time, all the disasters seemed to happen in one night. First there was a volcanic eruption, then there was an earthquake. At the same time, there was the worst rainstorm in a century. Just one night, my people had only 30,000 left. In the power of heaven and earth, I felt small and fragile. How many times I recalled in my dream that I wished I could go back to that time and save my people with my own hands. Ai Rui has never heard of the story of Camaron, the heart can not help but feel a little gloomy, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless steel edge trim, Camaron looked at Ai Rui, said lightly: "Compared to me before, now you are much luckier, have the opportunity to have the ability to save their people, and at that time I can only watch their people were mixed with water and fire buried by mudslides and powerless." Can only look at the countless houses on their own people and powerless. Ai Rui, I don't want you to do anything, I just want to tell you, if you have the ability not to give up your people, or one day you will regret like me. "Brother Spike said that sadness is the greatest charm of a man. Uncle Cameron, I'm a little in love with you." Ai Rui looked at Cameron's face, and for a moment she seemed to feel the pain in Cameron's heart: "Hee hee.." Uncle Cameron, you look so charming now. For a moment, all the grief came to naught, and Cameron laughed, but the corners of his eyes were always moist: "The master once said, how can we see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? Now the Green Devil can have today's life, in addition to the master's kindness, it is also a chance.". ” "I have decided, I want to go back, I want to be their savior, I will be the hero of all the green elves, I want them to be unable to get rid of my shadow for a lifetime, let them feel guilty for expelling me for a lifetime!"! Ha-ha Ai Rui stood up and said firmly, "This is also to prevent me from regretting in the future." Finally, Ai Rui added a sentence. Cameron could not help laughing: "You can think so good, no matter what they did, always guilty of death, if it is too much to be exterminated." At this moment, hell has reached the evening, the red clouds in the sky cover the sunset, blood covers the whole earth, Li Hengxin and his party stand at the entrance of the gate of hell, looking at the blood-red world in front of them. Is this hell?! Omar looked at the forest covered with red, and said that most of the things in hell were red, the red sun, the red moon, and the red land: "Although I have seen the introduction of hell in books before, this is the first time I have seen it with my own eyes, and it is exactly what the book says." "It feels as if the land is stained red with blood, which is ominous." Li Hengxin curled his lips. He didn't have such a good interest as Omar. If it wasn't inevitable, he really didn't want to set foot in the world again. Hell is the destination of the soul, and naturally there will be a sense of foreboding. Omar gave Li Hengxin a white look. Night Devil, Sofia, Omar and Li Hengxin came together this time. Night Devil was familiar with the situation in hell, so he must come. Sofia never wanted to leave Li Hengxin's side, so she must come. Omar wanted to copy the power of the God of reincarnation, so he was also a necessary person. On the contrary,aluminum tile edge trim, Li Hengxin felt that he had become a dispensable figure on this trip. What shall we do next? Omar clearly has very limited travel experience. Um. Make a fire to cook. Li Hengxin said. Cook? So soon? Asked Omar, who would have preferred to learn about hell sooner, and who was now in a state of soul and did not need to eat at all. Don't you think this is the most appropriate time to eat? 。

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