Industrial Furnace

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asked Dec 11, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_6ZnTXgrz (160 points)
The aluminum melting furnace consists of a furnace body and electric control part. The furnace body mainly includes a furnace shell, a furnace lining, a heater, a crucible, and a furnace cover. The furnace shell is formed by welding steel plates and section steels. The furnace lining is composed of energy-saving ultra-light refractory bricks, aluminum silicate fibers, and high-quality thermal insulation materials. The heater is spirally made of high alloy resistance wires, and is placed on the bricks around furnace. The crucible made of heat-resistant cast steel is placed in a furnace as a heating chamber. There are two semicircular furnace covers on the furnace panel, which can be flexibly opened and closed.

This series of aluminum melting furnaces and holding furnaces can be used in conjunction with a temperature control cabinet to automatically or manually control the operating temperature of electric furnaces.

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