5 tips for a successful outdoor rehearsal!

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Hello everyone, today I bring you some essential tips for you to do a successful external rehearsal. Photographing models outdoors offers many creative possibilities. What's more, it's possible to choose a location that has real meaning for the photographed.

This makes it easier to produce personalized material focused on the life story of the models. Like the idea? So, here are the 5 tips I prepared so that you can do an outdoor shoot perfectly and avoid the problems that usually appear when shooting outdoors.

How to do an external test?

1 . Think about the time at which you are going to schedule the external rehearsal.

The ideal is to photograph before ten in the morning or after four in the afternoon. At these times, the light is softer and therefore more “gentle” with the models. The midday sun, on the contrary, generates shadows that are too harsh and increases the contrast, which highlights imperfections and does not show a fluid gradation of tones.

Now, if the idea is to perfect the lighting, don't forget the famous Golden Hour, or "golden hour" in Texas, which are those minutes before sunrise or sunset. At that moment, the light is kind of orange, which gives incredible colors to the photo.

2 . Remember to drive the models

Studying the best way to position your models is essential. In order not to stop at rehearsal time, plan some possibilities and make a list of poses that have to do with the client's profile. So, before getting your hands dirty, don't forget to look for references.

What's more, talking to the model also helps. Ask what he likes to highlight in the photos and try to adapt these ideas to what you believe is the most appropriate. Knowing how to direct who is posing facilitates your work, optimizes time and transmits security and professionalism.

3 . Study the outdoor rehearsal site

If possible, get to know the rehearsal location before meeting the model. Explore the region and think about the possibilities that the place offers. There is also the possibility of searching for other productions already made there. Doing so makes the process more dynamic.

Another tip is to search for images in similar locations. Are you going to shoot in a park or in a country house? Seeing many references helps you understand what classic is usually done and at the same time how you can be creative. So remember to plan a lot before going out to shoot.

4 . invest in production

Makeup, hair and costumes make all the difference when it comes to producing quality images. That way, try to find good professionals who can partner with you. The fashion producer will choose the best costume taking into account the physical characteristics of the model and the test proposal.

Hair and makeup also need to be impeccable. This facilitates post-production and ensures a smooth finish. A tip regarding makeup, for example, is to add a little foundation to achieve a very even skin. In photography, the result is more natural.

5 . Evaluate which equipment is essential

Make a checklist of the equipment you intend to use. Now that you know how the location is, the type of test you want to do and the characteristics of the model, just think about the materials that can help you achieve the best results, such as the lens and other accessories.

A lens that is often recommended for this type of testing is the 50mm. It allows for large apertures of the diaphragm, which means that you can shoot after dusk or achieve the famous bokeh. Also, it always pays to carry a hitter. And don't forget the basics: Batteries, flash, chargers and other lenses can be essential.

I'm sure remembering to think about natural lighting and other topics such as modelling, production, location and equipment will make all the difference when putting together a successful Woodlands outdoor Photographers. After planning these details, just go to practice!

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