The 10 Best Bike Mirrors to Increase Your Safety

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I researched bike mirrors from A to Z, and I was surprised by how complicated it may be to choose the best bike mirror. Are you confused as well? After reading this article, you won’t be.To get more news about ebike mirrors, you can visit official website.

  1. Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror
    Left-sided Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror
    The Hafny mirror is mounted to the handlebars with a few screws. Its installation is very easy.
    The mirror’s position will remain stable even if you drive through potholes, thanks to the fixed arm.In case of a crash, you don’t have to worry about injuries from glass fragments. The lens is made from a shatter-proof lens.

With the help of an arm and a 360° swivel joint, you can adjust the mirror to an angle that suits you. And thanks to the 5.5″×2.45″ mirror surface, you will get a wide view behind you.
2. DRCKHROS Handlebar Bike Mirror
Left-sided DRCKHROS Handlebar Bike Mirror with an illustrated handlebar and reflection
Although this bicycle mirror is strangely named (DRCKHROS), don’t worry. Its name does not affect functionality.It is a minimalist mirror with a flexible arm, thanks to which you can easily adjust the mirror lens position.

Unlike the previous mirror, this one does not allow you 360° rotation. Yet, you can slightly tilt the lens itself.
3. MEACHOW Handlebar Bike Mirror
Left-sided Meachow Handlebar Bike Mirror
The MEACHOW mirror is very much like the first mirror in this section. It is also available in left and right variants.There are also 2 types of lenses – blue and silver. The blue lens contains a 75% anti-reflective layer, and the silver only 50%.

The mirror is aerodynamic, so it will not slow down too much at higher speeds. The arm is made of aluminum, which is light but strong.
The Best Bar-end Bike Mirrors
Bar-end mirrors are attached to your handlebar ends. Remember to choose a mirror for the right side of your bike.

  1. Hafny Bar-end Bike Mirror
    Right-sided Hafny Bar-end Bike Mirror with illustrated positions of the mirror
    The mirror by Hafny is on this list for the second time. This time in the bar-end variant. The mirror is available in 2 sizes (62 or 68 mm diameter).Under this link, you will also find variants with a blue and silver glass finish, which differ in the reduction of light reflection (75 vs. 50%).

You can use the mirror if your handlebar has a diameter of 0.58 – 0.89 inches (14.8 – 22.5 mm).
2. Mirrycle Bar-end Bike Mirror
Dual-sided Mirrycle Bar-end Bike Mirror
The Mirrycle bike mirror is my favorite. It is cheap, easily adjustable, and offers a great view behind you, thanks to its convex lens.

However, the cars may seem further away than they really are. But you will get used to it.You can use it on both the left and right sides because you can tilt the lens as you need.

The only downside is that the bike mirror is made of glass, not plastic. This means it can break more easily, so I don’t recommend using it on rough terrain.

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