Technology Can Give You 48 Hours Per Day

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asked Nov 24, 2022 in H&E by webdesignplus69 (18,720 points)

The use of technology increased the production of the average farmer 4,500 percent, and the productivity per acre by 1,000 percent. So we literally expanded the land in this country with technology, by increasing the production of every acre with technology.

Technology and the Small Business Owner's Time
Now, how can you apply technology top tech blogs so that you increase the number of hours you have in a day? The same way. Make every hour more efficient by leveraging the power of the internet. Here are just a dozen simple ways to harness the power of the Internet to cram more hours into your day:

1. Use autoresponders to handle routine business requests

2. Use a product rating service to allow testimonials from your happy customers convince new customers to buy from you.

3. Add a product recommendation service to your company website to sell new products to existing customers over time.

4. Promote your expertise via a blog, which brings customers back to you when they have a question or need to buy something else.


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