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asked Nov 24, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by lhc123 (320 points)

This is a pure aluminum foil nozzle bag made of PET+aluminum foil+PA+PE. Our nozzle bags are available in two styles: medium nozzle and diagonal nozzle, which have strong light shielding and good barrier to prevent air and water vapor from entering, and can refrigerate at high temperature. The suction nozzle has a conventional small diameter of 8.6mm and a large diameter of 15/16mm. There are many options for bag capacity, which can be customized according to your needs.
Details show quality. Our lid has anti-theft rotary design, and adopts anti-theft spiral type to prevent the package from being opened maliciously, so you can rest assured. Second, we thickened the bottom for weighing. The thickened bottom can be designed to stand up and bear strong weight. Third, the product has strong pressure resistance, uniform edge sealing and non explosive bags. Fourth, humanized round corner design, not hand in hand.Spout Pouch

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