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For Adult 17.5*9.5cm
Hospital, Personal Care
3 Ply Non-Woven

The antiviral face mask is made of three layers of non-woven fabrics; the nose bridge is easily adjustable; the face mask is equipped with comfortable breathability, which is extremely suitable for daily life virus protection. The four sides of the masks join flatly and tightly to the face; Hence, it avoids unfiltered air directly entering the disposable facemasks and thus make breathing safe.
Disposable masks can prevent respiratory infections to a certain extent, but cannot prevent haze. "Three Mask A Day" is recommended. Masks contain filters that prevent spray and pollutants from being spread. For hygiene reasons, use disposable masks and replace them when they get moist.
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1) Provide an excellent bacterial filtration properties
2) Folds up for easy carrying, comfortable
3) Extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears
4) General use face mask. Not for medical purposes
5) For Mouth and Nose Protection
6) 3-Layer, Comfortable, Ear-LoopsNon-Medical Disposable Face Mask supplier

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