YouTube Adds Hours (and Hours, and Hours) of Free Movies and TV

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YouTube Adds Hours (and Hours, and Hours) of Free Movies and TV

If you already spend hours going through the rabbit hole of videos on YouTube, brace yourself. You’re about to spend even more time there, or at least that’s what YouTube wants. The Google-owned service is stepping up its movie and television library by adding 4,000 TV episodes from shows like The Carol Burnett Show, Hell’s Kitchen, and Scream Queens — the reality series, unfortunately, not the criminally underrated Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer show — along with over 1,500 ad-supported movies.To get more news about Watch porn porn videos for free, you can visit our official website.

One might think: Doesn’t YouTube already have free movies to stream? As someone who finally watched Joel Schumacher’s Phantom of the Opera last year, I can tell you that yes, it does, but YouTube’s move to expand its library allows the service to compete with the likes of Pluto TV, Crackle, and the Roku Channel — all streaming services with free ad-supported media. In a press release, YouTube announced that “up to 100 new titles will be added each week.” (May we request the other Scream Queens?) But surely, more importantly to YouTube, the move will help up its ad revenue (because, of course, money). Deadline reported that YouTube recently earned a substantial $8.6 billion in its fourth quarter.
Originally slated for a 2021 release, the Netflix folks appear to have switched their strategy on Andrew Dosunmu‘s fifth feature film. A long time member of the the Sundance Film Fest (2011’s Restless City, 2013’s Mother of George and Where Is Kyra? all premiered here) it would make all the sense in the echo-system if Beauty premieres in Park City. Completed in September of 2019, the New York shot item includes Giancarlo Esposito, Sharon Stone and Aleyse Shannon while it was supported by Lena Waithe and lensed by cinematographer Benoît Delhomme (At Eternity’s Gate).

Gist: This is the tale of Beauty, an up-and-coming young singer with a glamorous career ahead of her, and Jasmine, a butch queer woman who falls for her. Their love for each other soon hits a snag when one’s family and strict religious upbringing threaten to end their burgeoning romance.

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