Best bike locks 2022

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Best bike locks 2022

As you're shopping for the best bike locks, it can be easy to fall into a rabbit hole of never-ending research looking for the absolute most secure lock on the market. We spent weeks leveraging every resource we had to do that research for you. After interviewing a variety of lock companies and law enforcement, and polling thousands of cyclists, what we found was that the number of people who had a quality lock actually defeated was incredibly small.To get more news about ebike lock, you can visit official website.

Beyond that, there were other themes we found in our investigation. We learned that while many bike thefts happened through the use of portable angle grinders, there's a surprising number of thefts being committed with nothing more than a long metal pipe to force the lock open with leverage. As we moved to the riders, we found that often, people lost a bike because it wasn’t secured at all. A common theme was someone with one of the best commuter bikes having their bike walk away while they briefly popped into a store. There were also a lot of people who lost their bike when it was left unlocked in their home, garage, or a supposedly secure bike room.
With those trends in mind, we’ve looked for the best bike lock we could find covering a wide range of different use scenarios. Some focus on weight - and might also be contenders for our guide to the best lightweight bike locks - while others place their entire focus on security. There are locks that can be worn like belts, others that can be folded away, and others that won't look out of place on a stylish, high-end titanium road bike build.

As you look through our list, keep those trends in mind but also make sure you think about your preferences. You want to look for something that works, but that is also convenient enough to use because no bike lock is less secure than the one you left at home. It should fit your budget, your style, and your particular use case. The last thing to remember is that your bike isn't safe at home. Bikes actually need more security at home.
A U-lock, also known as a D-lock in certain countries, is the easiest high security option to live with in a perfect world. That means if you have a bike with thin tubes, and something easy to lock to, they provide a high level of security for the price and are the easiest to transport. The challenge with this type of lock comes when you have unusual anchor points and bikes with large tubes.

The New York Fahgettaboutit Mini has been, for years, the standard in high security U lock options. It manages to be as secure as it is with no special tricks other than a big 18mm hardened steel shackle. Unlike the D1000, cutting it with an angle grinder will only take a minute or two per cut. What makes it worth considering is that it costs less than half the price and still brings a considerable amount of security. Much of the time you only have to secure your bike better than anyone else. The New York Fahgettaboutit Mini is probably more than enough security in most situations and you could even double them up when called for.

This lock makes the list because it's small and inexpensive but still has the protection of a double-locking shackle. Inexpensive U locks often move to a bent foot design that only requires a single cut to break free of the bike. This option from Ottolock still requires two cuts to open and while the 12mm shackle is less robust than other designs, cutting through it twice will make noise. It does lack an included frame mount, and it's too small to lock more than the frame, but if you need to keep costs low it will adequately protect your bike.

This isn't the most secure on this list. It's also not the least expensive or the most. The Onguard Pitbull is the all-around kind of lock you can feel good using day in, day out. A 14mm hardened steel shackle is thick enough that bolt cutters are going to be ineffective and it locks on both sides requiring two cuts to break it free. It will fall to an angle grinder but not without making a lot of noise first. The generous five keys included mean you can be less stressed with a lost key and the light on one key is a nice touch at this price level. The suggested version here is the standard version and there's enough room inside for the frame and a wheel. There are other versions of the same lock with different sizes but this makes for a secure and easy-to-use everyday lock.

A thief can defeat just about every lock on the market with a portable angle grinder. It will make a lot of noise but that might not mean much even in a crowded area. If you want absolute peace of mind for an expensive e-bike then a lock that can resist an angle grinder attack is what you need. There are other options on the market that are even harder to cut with an angle grinder but what sets the D1000 apart is that it remains portable. It's heavier than most U locks, and it does not come with a frame mount, but it's not that big and works well in a bag or strapped to a rack. The only downside is that the internal space is small enough that you'll struggle to get both a frame and a wheel locked up.

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