IGV Ultimate Tips and Tricks for all the new players in Rocket League

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Rocket League’s soccer-meets-rocket-powered-cars gameplay is just as satisfying and challenging to master in 2022, so the best way to get better is to practice and learn from the pros. In this guide, we’ll share the most important tips, tricks, and strategies for Rocket League beginners to help you climb up the ranks and hone your skills.

Learning how rotations work

Now that you’ve learned the basic movement mechanics, it’s time to start thinking about basic team strategy. Many players when they first start playing don’t have a game plan. New players will often engage in “ball chasing,” which is where they constantly go after the ball with little to no regard for their field position or what their teammate is doing. This behavior is bad for your team and your win/loss record.

The most popular playlist in Rocket League is two-vs-two. This mode demands that you work with a teammate to both defend and attack. In both three-vs-three and two-vs-two, the correct basic strategy is the same. One team member will go after the ball looking to make a play, while the other sets up a defensive zone behind them ready to either attack or retreat. Once the attacking member loses their momentum or sets up a solid pass, they should rotate back behind their teammate, allowing their teammate to go on the offensive.

This rotation system, when executed properly, allows players to exert consistent, reliable offensive pressure against an opponent while also ensuring that there’s a player ready to respond defensively if the push goes sour. Most goals are scored because one team was able to break down the rotation of the other team. Learning how to carry out this system is essential to climbing the ranks and being a good teammate.

Ball cam

Tapping just one button in Rocket League can center your camera on the ball, allowing you to accurately follow it at all times. If you’re just starting out, using the ball cam is the best way to play, easily, as you can stay aware of what is happening at all times.

Staying on the ball (ha) isn’t so easy without the ball cam, in which case a small white arrow simply points towards the ball. As you get used to the game you may wish to swap between the two during play depending on what you want to do, but as a new player, stick with the ball cam for a while.


Aside from playing against opponents, training is where most players will be spending a lot of their time. Training acts as a catalyst to ranking up, whereas the more time you spend doing it, the better you will get.

Bronze and Silver ranked players may use training as a way to hit the ball and understand how it moves, having an edge against opponents who may not have utilized it. While Grand Champions, on the other hand, may use training to learn a certain mechanic, allowing for more scoring opportunities.

Regardless of what you’re practicing, training will help you reach ranks that you may not have reached without it.

Custom is a collection of training packs made by players to help others work on a specific mechanic. There are training packs as general as saving the ball, and shooting on target, to setups for ceiling shots and air dribbles. I’ve compiled a few training packs that are designed to help novice players below.

Novice Aerials: 0A40-E21D-61C1-49C6

Novice Rebounds: C64E-54EA-FA78-707E

Novice Clears: E530-9668-C5B6-086F

Novice Striker: 137F-0F44-6FA1-91EE

Novice Defender: 87E8-773A-CBE5-B2C3

Be a team player

Rocket League is mostly a team-based game. When people are playing on a team, they should adopt the strategy of rotations. This means keeping the team moving around each other in constant motion, taking turns to play each position.

No Rocket League player should consider themselves a dedicated striker, midfielder or defender, like in other sports. To be a good player, a player needs to be capable of all three roles.

A player who’s rotating well will consider playing in the following way:

Attempt to center the ball using methods such as our centering example

After centering the ball, retreat to allow the next team-mate to shoot

Take a defensive position while the team-mate is shooting

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