Level 120 character boostEnsorcelled Everwyrm floating

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John Higgins: The experience has proved to be a lot of fun for us as well WOTLK Gold . We woke up the other day and thought, "Oh my gosh, we're helping 2 games." Two big MMORPGs. It's been great to watch the team sort of rally in support of the cause. Everyone's engaged as we try to find a way to help the two communities of players, while acknowledging the fact that some communities overlap, and there are those who play both games. It's been a more of a logistical hurdle for us but one in which I'm very proud of the team for how it is able to meet.

This is the first expansion we've done to the Classic community, and frankly it's all while working at home. The last expansion in Modern and now this expansion in Classic, it's been great to see the team doing this. We're all excited for the time we get to be together again in person, and I am sure I can hear Brian's laughter in the hall and instead of just at the top of the hill.

World of Warcraft : Shadowlands Collector's Edition is Available For Pre-Order

The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, will release later this year, marking the eighth expansion for the highly-rated MMO. In a livestream today, Blizzard revealed a Shadowlands Collector's edition is available to purchase now. It contains a wide array of physical collectibles , as well as digital items.

For $120, the World of Warcraft : Shadowlands Collector's Edition includes an Epic edition game code, which unlocks the Shadowlands expansion as well as several other game-related features:

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