The best smart locks you can buy right now

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The best smart locks you can buy right now

Asmart lock is an easy solution to a lot of common problems. Locked yourself out? Forgot your cleaning service is coming today? Your latchkey kid lost their key? Other half always forgets to lock the door? Hands are full, and it’s raining cats and dogs? A smart lock solves all these problems and more. To get more news about wifi security lock, you can visit official website.

By giving you remote control over your front door from anywhere as well as easy, key-free ways to unlock your door lock, a smart lock is one of the best smart home upgrades you can make. It can also be more secure than a traditional lock, especially if you are someone that would otherwise leave a spare key under a flower pot.
One of my personal favorite features of a smart lock is integrating it into a smart home routine so that every night at 9PM, my doors lock, or if I say “Good night” to a smart assistant, it shuts the lights off, makes sure the doors are locked, and adjusts my thermostat to Sleep mode.Other important smart lock features are decent battery life (spoiler alert: this is hard to find); at least three different ways to unlock (app, keypad or fingerprint, physical key, and auto-unlock are my favorites); and connectivity that doesn’t require a dedicated hub.

The latter is key for controlling your lock when you’re away from home — another feature I find super useful about smart locks. While all the locks listed here have the option to assign codes to service people or a neighbor looking in on your dog, sometimes it’s just easier to unlock the door for them and then lock it when they leave, even if you’re 2,000 miles away.
The Yale Assure Lock 2 is an inexpensive, good-looking keypad lock that works with every smart home platform. The slimline design (both front and back), wide compatibility, easy-to-use app, and good selection of unlocking options make it my top pick by a long shot.

If you plan to use the Assure 2 lock with Alexa or Google Assistant, though, it’s worth waiting for Yale’s Matter over Thread module to arrive later this year instead of paying for the Wi-Fi version now. That module should be a quicker, more battery-efficient way to add Alexa and Google support to the Yale Assure 2; I will test it when it’s available and report back. A Z-Wave module is also coming soon for the Yale Assure 2 to add compatibility with SmartThings hubs, Ring Alarm, and other Z-Wave hubs.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is an elegant, retrofit door lock that replaces just your thumb turn. You keep your deadbolt, key cylinder, and lock exterior, so you can still use your existing keys, and your door looks the same from the outside.

The August lock is pricey for a retrofit lock, but it feels premium, thanks to an all-metal design. With its compact size, it doesn’t stick out too much on the inside of your door, and it’s attractive enough not to be an eyesore.

If you don’t care about smart home integration or would prefer a lock without it, the Wyze Lock Bolt is an excellent value. It’s not sleek or stylish; it’s just a big hunk of black plastic. It doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or integrate with any smart home systems (not even with Wyze’s own gadgets). But it does have an easy-to-use, backlit keypad and a lightning-fast fingerprint reader, it’ll auto-lock if you want, and it’s half the price of the Yale Assure Lock 2.

But without Wi-Fi, I couldn’t check on it or control it when I was away from home, so turning on the auto-lock option is a must. If I wanted to let someone in while I was gone, though, I could give them an offline code that’s generated in the Wyze app. This uses similar technology to two-factor authentication codes to generate a code even when you’re out of range of the lock, and it worked perfectly in my testing.

This funky looking, retrofit smart lock is for anyone who can’t or does not want to mess with their existing door lock in any way, shape, or form. Essentially a tiny robot hand that unlocks your door, the $99 SwitchBot lock goes over a deadbolt’s existing thumb turn and sticks to the door with super-strength double-sided tape. You can then lock or unlock it over Bluetooth from a phone or Apple Watch or use the existing key. It is not an elegant solution, but it works, and it’s the easiest smart lock I’ve installed, taking under five minutes to get set up.

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