The Bills defense was a problem for them

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The Bills defense was Mut 23 coins a problem for them during a number of games last season however, they're much better this season. Takeo Spikes, who plays for the Bengals is a top linebacker (often being compared by fans to Ray Lewis of the Ravens) and 

London Fletcher form a solid linebacker team. Keep them in the field as long as possible , with the exception of the four sets of wide receivers. Nate Clements and Pierson Prioleau are both excellent defensive backs.

The Carolina Panthers, one of the newer NFL team (with Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans and the newly formed Cleveland Browns being others) has experienced the lows and highs of the expansion. Within a year of the team's inception they Panthers were able to make it all up into the NFC Championship game, only to lose to ultimate Super Bowl champions that year and they were the Green Bay Packers. 

Since the time the Panthers have been through tough times, but they appear to be slowlybut surely returning to their former glory.

Defense is the main strength of defense for the Carolina Panthers; they're one of several teams that have an overall defense that is higher than their offensive. Julius Peppers is one of the most prominent defensive players. 

The North Carolina standout is an outside speedy pass rusher who has the potential to accumulate a number of sacks against a weak offensive line. Try to find ways of getting Peppers lined against a weaker lineman or control the situation and utilize swimming and spin buy madden nfl 23 coins techniques to sprint through the defensive backfield.

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