Utilize hot routes to create the pattern

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asked Oct 8, 2022 in Electron Microscopy by haoxiuyun (1,720 points)

Utilize hot routes to Mut 23 coins create the pattern quickly so that you can clear the ball in a short time. Additionally, when you are facing linebacker blitzes, striking backs outside of the backfield are often wide particularly when it comes to man coverage. Backs are thrown towards the blitzer and strike him after he has cleared the line of the line of scrimmage.

There are a few playmaker options during the game of passing. Before snapping, you can use the left analog stick to change the primary receiver's route of passing. Use the right analog stick to push up to set the primary receiver to a go route. 

move the stick to the left to create a crossing route/out pattern to the left, move it left to create an out pattern that crosses the left and then move it back down to create the screen. If you wish to change routes for other receivers you can do so by pressing Hot Route button. 

Send a receiver in deep coverage when he's only covered or alter his route to cross-check against double coverage. This could allow other receivers to use patterns that are on that same side.

Playmaker controls can be used to change the route of a receiver in the course of play. This is especially important when you have to madden 23 coins cheap eliminate the ball fast.

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