Tips for the Cable Gland Application

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Tips for the Cable Gland Application
1. Purchase appropriate cable gland material.

We should choose the specification you need. The quality of cable gland is quite different in the market. However, to ensure the quality level of the cable gland, it is suggested not seek for the cheap. We need to select the quality reliable water proof cable gland factories.
2. It is better not to operate the cable gland application on rainy days.

It is because cables with water will greatly affect the service life of cables. Rains will even result in short circuit accidents.
3. Please read the product instruction of the factory carefully before the cable gland application.

It is very important to the voltage of the cables higher than 10 KV. Have a full plan. And make a consideration before starting to apply cable gland from the cable gland manufacturer.
4. Please remember the tip in heart.

That is single core armored cables whose voltage is above 10 KV, must connect to the ground by only one single end.
5. When inject the copper material, it can not be with too much strength.

What we do is just pressing it to the position. The outside appearance of the copper end must appear many salient points. We must flatten them by the files, no rags left.
6. Shrink the cable gland made by cable gland manufacturer with the blast burner.

And it is not right to heat the cable gland with only one direction.
7. The size of cold shrinking cable gland must narrowly follows the instruction of the design.

It is especially important to set aside the space for the upholder in the tube. This needs to be more careful.Click to Buy

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