6 Tips to help you prolong the stone crusher service life

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There are different types of stone crushers in South Africa, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and sand making machine. This article will tell you how to maintain the rock crushers and how to efficicently improve their performance.

Many stone crusher operators have a common coception that is "don't-fix-it-if-it-isn't-broke". They may want to save cost at the begining while the consequence is that they have to spend more money on repair and face interuption on production. That's why I always say that preventive and predictive is very important for all types of stone crusher.

Why are preventive and predictive crucial to crusher maintenance?
Preventive means that by making regular checklist and inspections to keep crushers in good condition. Maintenance checklist is usually set up on a daily (8 hours), weekly (40 hours), monthly (200 hours), yearly (2,000 hours). Only doing that, can you prolong the machine's life span and maximize its value in crushing process.

Predictive refers to mornitoring the condition of crusher when it is running. By some maintenance tools such as lubricating oil temperature sensors, lubricating oil filter condition indicator, you can timely draw the machine data so that making a comparison between the real situation and normal state. Predictive can help you find problem early then timely removing thers issues before demage occuring.

The most effective maintenance skills for different stone crushers
If you have missed the first two stages of preventive and predictive, don't worry, the reactive also works.

Ractive means that even if your crushers have got problems, as long as you adopt correct solutions to respond, you still can get your machine back to normal.

6 Tips to help you prolong the concrusher's service life:
1. You must operate at a consistent closed-side discharged setting(css). It can effectively tackle problems caused by over-sized material and maintain producing high-quality, even final products.
2. "Choke fed" cavity level is necessary. That means no matter what the cavity level is too low or too high has the worst impact on your final products. If the cavity level is too low, the final product will become coarser, flatter and more elongated.
3. Avoid trickle feed the crusher. Trickle feed would reduce your production, productivity, and value of end products. So you have to keep rated horsepower at 40%-100%, and between 75%-95% is optimal.
4. Lubricate your machine regularly. Lubricate important parts like mainshaft, bearings, mantle and concave can make the whole production smooth and minimize the downtime.
5. Clean your oil tank if it is contaminated.
6. Remove the fines or sticky material in the crushing chamber.

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