What is the features of side seal bag making machine?

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asked Sep 30, 2022 in H&E by yuga (720 points)

The side sealing cutting machine is suitable for processing heat cutting bags of printed non-printing plastic films such as OPP, PP, PE, CPP, etc. It is an ideal equipment for making garment belts, towel bags, bread bags, jewelry bags.


Features of side seal bag making machine:


The whole machine adopts intelligent PLC man-machine interface centralized control, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

LPC automatic deviation correction, double photoelectric tracking and unwinding, automatic constant tension control AC frequency conversion and constant speed automatic feeding.

Imported double servo drag control.

It can be equipped with a punching machine, automatic feeding correction, magnetic powder tension, cutting edge, edge cutting, bottom insertion and other functions for selection.

It has automatic functions such as feeding, sealing and cutting, counting, discharging, and reporting.

The cutter adopts deep-hole heating tube, which makes the temperature more balanced and the maintenance more convenient.

Design the cold water device, the sealing is more beautiful, not rough.

Imported photoelectric eye, easy operation and higher precision.

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