Sotiris Lazou collaborates with URBI et ORBI to design a rechargeable table lamp

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Athens-based Sotiris Lazou and URBI et ORBI create LucerA, a series of handmade table lamps made by the traditional concrete casting technique, in terrazzo finish, the well-known polished surface.Get more news about custom resin desk lamp seller,you can vist our website!

This project was recently awarded a 2021 Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

During the elaboration process, the parts of LucerA are combined and polished together in order to achieve the best result.The semitransparent detail is made of casted resin while the 2 parts of terrazzo and the resin part are produced separately.

The basic characteristic of the LucerA series is that the Led module is operated by a Rechargeable Battery, 7,2 V NiCd 1400 mAh.

The Naomi Table Lamp is a stunning, sculptural beauty with an elongated, hourglass base, pleated and hand gilded with gold leaf. Finished with a tapered drum shade and gold leaf ball finial, this elegant lamp will add sophistication to your living room, bedroom or entryway.
Lighting fixtures contribute a great deal to your home d├ęcor and nothing is better than epoxy resin lamps to elevate the ambiance of your interior. These lamps are perfect for people who admire beautiful, unique pieces of art. Epoxy resin lamps are elegant and competent in providing delightful lighting.

Resin has amazing qualities, which is particularly helpful in making lamps. It is solid, malleable, and offers plenty of scope for vibrant color tones, making it an ideal choice. Resin lamps emit dim, soft, and relaxing light, creating a soothing atmosphere. Read on for the best options on the market in 2022.
T-Rex Skull and Gold Wood Epoxy Resin Lamp by MAResinArt
If you are a fan of dinosaurs and Jurassic World, chances are you will like this T-Rex Skull and Gold Wood Epoxy resin lamp the most on this list. The lamp works with any USB port and offers different colors during the day, with a beautiful blue light illuminating the space at night. The handcrafted item is also a wonderful gift for a dinosaur person in your life.
Color Changing Resin Wood Lamp by DanestVN
A testament to professional craftsmanship, the handcrafted lamp has a unique design and delicate shape. Made of naturally shaped wood encased in crystal clear resin, this unique decorative lamp has 16 different LED colors, suiting your space amicably. It will invite a warm, classy ambiance to your home.

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