New General Snus Design For The US

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asked Sep 29 in 3D Segmentation by freeamfva (33,380 points)

Out of Snus Con 2018 came some big news from Swedish Match. If you missed Snus Con, you should probably attend next year. We always have a great time and it seems like some great news always seems to break at Snus Con. This year, Swedish Match announced strong snus was coming to the US market. But they also announced something equally exciting, that General Snus was getting a redesign for the US market! This was particularly exciting for me.Get more news about wholesale snus design,you can vist our website!

I don't know if you all have had this trouble, but it's hard to see what products are in the General chiller when you're in a gas station. The current designs are hard to differentiate behind the glass. This is a photo of a chiller I saw in Illinois on my way home from Snus Con. First, it's hard to tell what products are behind the class when you look at the photo. Second, when you tell a clerk which one you want, they have no idea what you're talking about. This is where the new designs come into play.
Meet the new General Snus cans. As I mentioned, it's hard to tell a clerk which product you want when they're behind the glass. Some know, but some don't. So now, if you encounter a clerk who has no idea what they're talking about when you ask for "General White", you can say "the Silver General Snus", or something like that. The new cans look much, much better. General Original is gold, General Wintergreen is green (of course), General Mint is blue, General Mini Mint is light blue, and General White is silver. These colors also mirror what we see in Sweden, as well. Also, it is important to note that the top label no longer peels off. This was a design decision that Swedish Match went with for the new products.

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