Thread Turning Inserts

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01. Brand Name: EDGEV
02. Description: Partial Profile Threading Carbide Inserts. Thread Turning Inserts

03. ISO Symbol:
External Thread Inserts:16ER A55/AG55/G55/A60/AG60/G60
Internal Thread Inserts:16NR A55/AG55/G55/A60/AG60/G60
04. ANSI Symbol:Sizeļ¼š(I.C.=9.525mm)
05.Material: carbide inserts
06. Coating: TiAlN
07. Coating Type:Switzerland Balzers PVD Coating
08. Chip Breaker:without
09. Grade: EP5120
10. Features: Improved toughness and excellent wear resistance.
11.Hardness: 92HRA
12. Color: Blue
13. Application Range: For Semi-finishing/Roughing
14. Work Piece: For Steel, Alloy Steel Stainless Steel
15. Work Piece Hardness:<=HRC45
16. Available Tool Holder:
17. Place of Origin: China
18. Unit Type: Lot (10 Pieces/Lot)
19. Net Weight:0.07kg/Box
20. Gross Weight: 0.09kg/ Lot (10 Pieces)
21. Packing: 10 Pieces Packed In One Plastic Box /lot
22. Machining Types: Continuous Cutting
23. Min Order:1box/10pcs

Our Advantages

-High Quality Cutting Edge

High precision fine molding technology and equipment produce the high quality cutting edge.

Sharp Cutting Consistent honing edge enable sharpness and quality thread shape, to attain the high quality smooth surface.

-Fine Wear resistance, long and stable tool life

Extruding original tungsten powder to attain high quality substrates, High fracture resistance

Own Switzerland Balzers Equipment and special top PVD coating technology

-Smooth chip evacuation with special chip breaker design

-Full range of models with a large inventory for fast delivery

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