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The white bodyguard looked careless, but he could not be a fool if he was sent by his master to follow Miss Xue, who was famous for her confusion. Seeing Zhou Ziwei so calm, his heart suddenly became alert. Can you make it convenient for me, my friend? Seeing that Zhou Ziwei ignored him, the white bodyguard changed his fierce appearance and gave Zhou Ziwei a very gentlemanly salute. He said politely, "Our young lady is a little bit of a neat freak. She doesn't like to be in the same room with strange men. You see.." Miss, she is still waiting outside. She is a little girl of seventeen or eighteen years old. Are you embarrassed to let her stand outside and enjoy the sea breeze for hours? Zhou Ziwei finally raised his head and looked at the little girl standing on the deck, who was staring at the sea with a confused face and was in a daze without any focus in her eyes. Then he said softly at the corners of his mouth, "You let her in. I'm not a neat freak." "What did you say?" The white bodyguard's face sank again, but he seldom spoke so politely to outsiders. Just now, because he felt that Zhou Ziwei was not like an ordinary master, he lowered his posture and tried to say good words. He thought that Zhou Ziwei should be able to see the situation and give a face as soon as he got better. Who knew Zhou Ziwei was so bad. At that moment, his eyes slowly became cold. He snorted and said, "You are very good." I admire your courage,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and I hope you can hold on. Don't let me look down on you. The white bodyguard said and slowly stepped forward, and the strong muscles shook violently with his step, as if to break the black suit on his body, which was more than two meters tall, it was easy for people to feel a strong sense of oppression, and at this time he deliberately raised the muscles of his whole body. Coupled with a ferocious expression,Coil Nail Making Machine, it is really easy to frighten people who have never seen anything. Zhou Ziwei, of course, would not be frightened by him, but when he saw the white bodyguard showing such a strong appearance, he knew that the more so he was, the more guilty he should be, and at the moment he was too lazy to see him in general, just as if he had inadvertently raised a finger and gently knocked a few times on the table made of metal in front of him, and then turned his head. Like the confused little girl outside, she only looked out of the window at the sea scenery in a daze, but she was no longer interested in looking at the white bodyguard. White bodyguards see Zhou Ziwei so ignore his existence, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, finally some of the anger gradually can not be suppressed, is about to rush forward to throw Zhou Ziwei on the deck as well, but suddenly saw that completely made of solid metal on the desktop, unexpectedly more than a string of half-inch deep pits, suddenly the whole body is stiff. At that moment, he no longer rushed up to fight with Zhou Ziwei, but stepped back a few steps and bowed out of the cabin. Miss There's a man inside who won't vacate the cabin. Look. The white bodyguard came to Xue. Remembering Xue's instructions not to let them get too close, he stopped about one meter away from Xue. He bowed and whispered: "It seems that the man's identity is not simple, and his skill is quite powerful. I'm afraid he's not an easy person to deal with. I'm afraid that direct action will cause you some unnecessary trouble, Miss.." Xue Xue looked blankly at the waves of sumo wrestling on the sea. Her eyes were confused. Then she waved her hand gently and said, "It's really annoying. Such a little thing can't be done well!"! Everything bothers me! All right.. If you can't do it yourself, then let the little egg help. The white bodyguard was overjoyed when he heard this. He bowed his head and answered. Then he took a black suitcase from another bodyguard and pressed it gently. After entering a series of passwords, he opened the suitcase with a "click" and a pure silver metal ball jumped out of it. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I haven't come out to breathe for a long time! My first love, you are so bad! The metal ball rolled a few times on the metal floor, and then the ball suddenly cracked a long gap, and a pair of metal wings came out of it. Woo la la.. The moon shines in front of the bed, there is no frost on the ground. It's not snow, because there are no feet. I'm a happy newsboy. I'm going to sell newspapers at dawn, crying and laughing at the same time. "Leng Leng." The metal wings flapped clumsily a few times, and the metal ball, which looked a little naive, flew directly into the air, and then, like a merry-go-round, circled around Xue Xue's body, turning up and down, and while turning around, he said something in a mess without any rules. The black and white bodyguards seemed to have a strong immunity to the metal ball, no matter what words came out of the little guy's mouth, they would not feel the slightest bit strange, while the side of Dayu Mita and the gray suit representing the Supreme Number were completely dumbfounded! This What the hell is this! It looks like a silver-white metal ball, but. Why can this metal ball not only fly, but also talk? Also What a mess this guy is talking about! "Mr. Eggs,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, please, can you do something for us?" The white bodyguard saw the metal ball flying around Xue Xue's side several times without stopping for a moment. He had no choice but to come forward and say respectfully to the metal ball: "There is a man inside. He bullied the young lady. Mr. Dandan, you.." Would you like to do the young lady a favor and throw the man into the sea? 。

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