How to withdraw funds from eToro

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How to withdraw funds from eToro

Please note that you can only withdraw from your available balance, so you should ensure that you have the funds available in your balance before making a withdrawal request.To get more news about etoro fund withdrawal, you can visit official website.

If you have funds invested in open positions, you can free up more funds by closing positions. Once a position is closed, the invested amount +/- any profit or loss be returned to your available balance.
eToro withdrawal methods
eToro supports a variety of withdrawal methods. These are all the same methods as are available for making a deposit. However, it is essential to remember that you can only withdraw in the same way you have used to make your deposit.

If you use a combination of methods, such as credit card and bank transfer, you receive funds to the respective methods deposited.

If your deposit method is locked or unusable for any reason, you can use an alternative withdrawal method. eToro may ask you for proof of this to change to another withdrawal method.

Is there a fee for withdrawing from Etoro?
All your withdrawal requests are subject to a fee of 5 USD. By default, you withdraw USD. Withdrawals from an eToro account in any currency other than USD are subject to a conversion fee. The payment service provider collects this conversion fee.

Compared to the benefits that eToro provides, 5 USD is quite a comfortable fee. The purpose is to encourage users to consider withdrawing when they have reached a relatively stable profit instead of continuously withdrawing because withdrawal requests go through the payment control system and take longer to process than deposit requests.

However, if your eToro account is Platinum level or higher, you get a 5 USD free withdrawal fee.

How to know your withdrawal request has been processed?
You receive an email notification when your withdrawal request has been processed along with the payment provider details to which eToro sent the funds.

Alternatively, you can also tap on Portfolio and go to the History tab to see the status of your withdrawal.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal request, and when will the customer receive the funds?
The withdrawal process includes Withdrawal processing time and money receiving time. The processing of withdrawals is handled by eToro. Besides, the time to receive your money is already in the hands of the payment service provider.
How to cancel a withdrawal request?
As long as your withdrawal request is Under Review, you may cancel it via your Portfolio by clicking on the blue History icon and clicking the Reverse button on the request you wish to cancel.

What should you do if the money does not appear in your account?
Tap the category card. Then go to the history card to check your sent eToro payment method. Or, you can check the email you received regarding the processing of your withdrawal.

You should also note that it will take eight business days from eToro processing your withdrawal request for the funds to appear on your account statement.

If you have checked all the items above and still cannot find your money. Please get in touch with eToro for assistance. eToro will ask you for a payment method statement showing incoming and outgoing transactions from when you make your withdrawal until you contact eToro. It would be best to ensure that eToro can see your name, transaction date, and payment method details.

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