Police investigating after dozens of car tires slashed in Queens

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Police investigating after dozens of car tires slashed in Queens

Leponto has lived in Bayside, Queens for seven months. He says he never felt uncomfortable or unsafe until this moment.To get more news about summer car tires, you can visit gofortunetire.com official website.

“My fiancé and I moved here at the beginning of the year and we loved the area,” Leponto said. “It’s just really unfortunate that now we have to consider whether or not this is the place for us to live because we can’t trust that our vehicles will be safe at night.”
Leponto’s car is one of at least 44 with punctured tires in this neighborhood. Police responded to Corporal Kennedy Street and 42nd Avenue Sunday morning to find dozens of tires had been slashed overnight.

“Whoever did this, I hope they realize you’re not just popping tires, you’re affecting people’s days, you’re affecting people’s lives,” Leponto said. “Some people are struggling as is with everything going on in the world.”

A new tire can cost anywhere between $50 to $200 — a hefty fee that these drivers have no choice but to pay.

“They got all four of my tires and I had to get it towed and it cost me $661,” Doris Rubinic said, who has lived in Bayside her entire life. She says this isn’t the first time cars have been vandalized in this neighborhood.

“A few years ago someone was taking a bolt cutter and smashing off your side mirrors,” Rubinic said. “Then a year later, they broke all windshields. Then they’re taking windshield wipers off the back of SUVs. And now it’s this.”

As car owners now deal with the aftermath of this slashing spree, they have one message for the person who did this.

“Please just take a second, step back and think about how you’re affecting others who not only have no idea who you are but haven’t done anything to you,” Leponto said. “At the end of the day, we’re all people and we should treat each other with kindness.”

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