How do I unlock a smart lock?

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How do I unlock a smart lock?

There are almost as many ways to unlock a smart lock as there are brands. Here are the main options:To get more news about wifi smart lock, you can visit official website.

Keypad or touchscreen

Some smart locks use a keypad or touchscreen and allow you to punch in a number code. While this can be convenient, some burglars have been known to study the keypad to look for fingerprint smudges on the keys and use it to infer the passcode to gain access. Some locks like Weiser Premis generate a random two-digit code up front that you have to tap before you enter your pin, in order to eliminate this possibility.

Biometrics is really just a fancy word for using an element of your biology to access the door. In this case, the most common home-use option is a fingerprint scanner imbedded in the door lock, but optical or eye-scanning locks also exist (mainly commercially).

Smartphone/remote control

A common way for unlocking a smart lock is to use a smartphone. With a companion app, you can simply tap a virtual button on screen to lock or unlock your door from anywhere. This method can be very convenient if you want to temporarily allow someone to place a package just inside your door, for example, then relock it once they leave and close the door.


Geofencing or geotagging uses the precise location of your phone to automatically lock or unlock your door whenever you enter or leave a small geographic area. This technology is usually set up inside the companion app and can be quite handy if you are forgetful about locking up.

Physical key or not?

Some smart locks have an emergency key, and some don’t have a keyhole at all, making them “unpickable.”

Tap to unlock

Some locks, like Schlage Encode, let you use your phone as a keyfob; simply bringing it close to the lock will generate a digital handshake and your lock will open. Of course, you’ll need to securely unlock your phone first.

Can you use a smart lock in any door?
For the most part, smart locks, like regular door knobs and deadbolts, are relatively standard in size. If you live in a newer home, or have a newer door, chances are your smart lock will fit easily. If you live in an older home, or have older doors, you may find it could be difficult to get a fit. While some lock brands like Weiser offer adaptor kits (often for free if you call to request one), if you have an oddly sized door, you’ll want to measure and ensure the company has a liberal return policy.

For doors where it will be a challenge to fully replace the deadbolt mechanism, you can consider a smart lock kit that slips over the back of your existing deadbolt latch. August Smart Lock is a good example and you can check out our full smart lock review.

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