Repairing Your Sleep Hygiene

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In case you missed it , last week revealed that when it comes to sleep, we have to keep our hygiene. Frank is guilty otherwise, typing away at the center of the night at his computer in the Oval Office or playing games on his tablet and suited up. The pineal gland is a small, pine cone-shaped structure near the center of the brain that secretes the hormone melatonin at night in response. For anyone prone to bouts of sleeplessness, though, most slumber physicians recommend not exercising before bed for several hours.

Physical and emotional sickness, relationship problems, lack of work-based productivity, alcohol dependence, drug and/or accidents tend to be linked to sleep deprivation. Research demonstrates most adults need between seven and nine hours sleep although everyone is different. Obviously, there are those rare individuals who will efficiently work on as little as four and exuded energy or five hours of shut eye a night. Yet, a large proportion of people will suffer emotionally, psychologically and physically with this type of minimal amount of sleep on a regular basis. The quality of cleanliness and linens of your bedroom lend to better sleep.

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