Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Offline Status Error

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asked Sep 1, 2022 in Cell Tracking by emilee909 (1,140 points)

A variety of methods can correct the error. To figure out the cause Contact Brother Printer Customer Care Service. We can provide expert advice If you still have difficulty solving why my Brother printer is offline in Windows 10 of Brother Printer.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 27, 2022 by askanyquery (1,300 points)

Brother printer is one of the finest printers ever I have used. It gives you wireless services with clean printing data. But sometimes it creates an error or problem like "brother printer offline fix windows 10". The big query is why does it happen. To get rid of this issue you need to follow some basic step:

Click the Settings tab and select Network Settings. On the left side of the display, under Wireless, select Wi-Fi Direct, and then enable Wi-Fi Direct.



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