What women's clothes will help you forget about the complexes: useful tips for stylish girls

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As a rule, when forming a wardrobe, we focus on fashion trends and dress code rules, taking into account, among other things, our own preferences. In addition, the choice of clothes is largely influenced not only by our habits, but by age and even by the state of health.

But every woman can look stylish, despite the age and presence of complexes. Therefore, we will try to help you choose the right clothes by getting rid of certain fears and prejudices.


Did you know that most women refuse to wear high-heeled shoes, motivating refusal with leg pain and inconvenience? Such complexes force us to give preference to flat shoes or wedges and thereby deprive us of "weapons" of female attractiveness.

Modern manufacturers offer us a wide range of shoes with heels of various heights, which have convenience and practicality. Try trying on a few pairs of such fashionable and elegant shoes in the store to choose the most suitable shoe.

Overweight women undeservedly deprive themselves of such beautiful clothes as white trousers. No one argues that white is full, but visual harmony depends not only on color, but also on style.

If you don't feature a slim figure, then you can opt for long white trousers with a wide belt and medium-sized pockets. You can wear a top made of flowing fabric to such trousers and supplement the outfit with shoes with heels.

Stylists claim that denim tight-fitting trousers can be worn by a woman of any age. The main thing is that the jeans model has perfect proportions and has high-quality cut. And if you supplement such jeans with a top to the middle of the thigh made of light material and a jacket, then you are provided with style.

Women with small breasts panic at strapless dresses. If you are one of them, then give preference to dresses with folds or ruffles in the chest area and necessarily tight-fitting on the stomach. Thus, you will impress the owner of a chic bust. You can buy a strapless dress with cups or special support.

In summer heat, most of us look enviously at women in bare-backed tops. But such a top suggests a lack of a bra. In this case, buy a silicone strapless bra that holds perfectly on the skin and allows you to maintain the shape of your chest.

Do not give up ballet because of your small stature. To visually lengthen the silhouette, wear capri or skirts above the knee or long tops.

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