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As this course is aimed at AI Get All Latest Dumps engineers, solution architects, data scientists or developers, specialists must demonstrate a willingness to improve their general AI management skills. Training AZ-204T00-A: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure This is an instructor-led training course developed over five days. During this session, candidates will learn the steps they need to follow to deliver end-to-end solutions using Microsoft Azure. In addition, candidates will learn how to implement and build Azure Functions or Azure compute solutions. In addition, they will not only know how to use Managed Identities and KeyVault to secure the solution, but will also be able to manage Get All Latest Dumps authorization and authentication. In addition, students participating in this course will learn how to connect to and use Azure and third-party services. For example, they will learn how to implement message and event-based models into their solutions. Finally, this class covers troubleshooting, optimizing, and monitoring Azure solutions. 

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