ceramic foam filters for battery making

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So far, the lightweight design of the battery pack under the company has been at the world's leading level. This power battery with a new energy density can make the battery compartment of the B-class pure electric car on the existing basis, without adding additional space, the load energy (total power of the loaded battery) can be increased by about 50%; the energy of the vehicle power battery system It is increased by 50%; the weight of the whole vehicle can be reduced by 250 kilograms on the existing basis so that the standard driving range of this model can be increased to more than 600 kilometers.


The characteristics of 7 series aluminum alloys are mainly zinc, but sometimes a small amount of magnesium and copper are added. Among them, superhard aluminum alloys contain zinc, lead, magnesium, and copper alloys that are close to the hardness of steel. The extrusion speed is slower than that of the 6 series alloy, and the welding performance is good. 7005 and 7075 are the highest grades in the 7 series and can be strengthened by heat treatment. Scope of application: aviation (aircraft load-bearing components, landing gear), rockets, propellers, aerospace.

A prerequisite for the manufacture of 7-series aluminum alloys is the manufacture of high-purity primary aluminum. AdTech has been focusing on providing a one-stop service for molten aluminum purification for many years. Our main products include degassing units, ceramic foam filters, launder systems, caster tips, and more.

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