Plain Hand Robbery-

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asked Aug 18, 2022 in H&E by Melonie8 (120 points)

Amazingly, the five ladies acted solemnly and carefully, even if they were already very trusted, they refused to tell all the orders, but had to go through twists and turns again and again, so that the person who was ordered could learn the second secret only after he had done one thing. Then no matter what happens to this person, will not affect the Nangong family plan, its organization is tight and thorough, when it is really a thread, layers of itinerant spider web, the five ladies will be like a spider in charge of the center, each spider silk, all in its control. To Baiwei's delight, the fifth lady had ordered the man to act at will without contacting the top in this half month, because otherwise, after the man died, he could not reply to the order, and the fifth lady immediately knew that things had changed, and that the secret order of the land temple outside the village with three surnames would change. And the five lady at the moment so that this person does not have to contact the top,industrial racking systems, this person died, the five lady since may not know, Baiwei can go to the three surname village outside the land temple to read the secret order.

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