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With the rapid development of the economy and technology, more and more people hope to have a more convenient and efficient lifestyle. And many people can afford and are willing to use various smart products. Among many smart products, a keyless smart lock is becoming more and more popular. The keyless smart lock has become an indispensable smart device for a smart lifestyle.To get more news about high security lock manufacturer, you can visit official website.

What is a smart lock?
The emergence of a keyless smart lock makes even small things like opening the door become a fast and convenient way. Keyless smart lock provides you with a smarter way of unlocking. You can connect the keyless smart lock with Alexa or Google Home to realize voice control of the smart door lock, providing more convenience for your busy life.
Is a smart lock worth it?

When it comes to a smart door lock, many people will question whether it is worth investing in. The answer is yes. Smart door lock provides a fast, convenient and intelligent way to unlock. You can achieve multiple door opening methods through the keyless smart lock. In addition, compared with ordinary locks, smart keyless door locks are undoubtedly safer. The smart door lock is your most worthwhile investment in smart products.
Where to find excellent keyless smart locks?

How can you find your best smart door lock? Smonet door lock will be your best choice. Smonet door locks are on a summer sale, which is a perfect time for you to own Smonet smart lock.
2.Remote Password Sharing

You can share up to 500 timed passcodes with your friends, guests, and housekeepers. When a friend visits, you don't have to keep your friend waiting outside the house for a long time. The wifi door lock realizes convenient password sharing. In addition, you can change your password at any time.

3.Automatic locking

If someone tries to enter the wrong password more than five times, Smonet smart lock will automatically lock. And with its built-in anti-intrusion technology, the wifi door lock will alarm the illegal intruder. Besides, you can set the keyless smart lock to be automatically locked from 5-900 seconds after you unlocked it on the App. So it is no need to worry even if you go out without locking your door.
4.Protect Privacy

This keyless smart lock can keep your personal information safe and private. It will store your fingerprint and IC card data locally rather than on the cloud. You are allowed to delete specific data or IC card information as you need.

5. Resistance to cold weather

Many users say that their smart locks purchased online are prone to problems in severely cold weather. If the area where I live often encounters severe weather, is it impossible to use the wifi door lock? Don't worry. Smonet door lock provides you with a solution. Smonet smart lock can work in the working temperature range of - 20 ~ 70 ℃ without any problems. Even if the weather in the place where you live is bad, it will not affect the regular operation of the smart keyless door lock.

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