Zhen Tian Di Dao

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"All right you three brothers go treasure hunting I have to go first" As soon as Dijing's footsteps move they will leave Now they understand where this is There is no need for Dijing to be with the three Sun brothers The two sides do not have much understanding and trust With them Dijing is nothing but the three brothers will certainly not feel at ease Hey Daoyou where is Daqiong Our brothers will certainly report today's Enlai Day Sun Buyu looked at the figure of the emperor's departure and did not stop him You'll find out later The faint voice of the imperial capital came from the distance and the man had disappeared Blowing Filling Capping combiblock Brother why doesn't he go treasure hunting with us With a master around maybe our harvest this time will be much better than last time Sun Buwu looked at the direction of the disappearance of the imperial capital and asked doubtfully [Chapter 85 Infinite Fairy Sword] 1718K Literature provides the latest chapter "No it's better to separate here Otherwise when you enter it you will find how to distribute the treasures Last time you came in you should have seen that people in the same camp are fighting each other for the treasures not to mention that we just met him" (Please remember our website DukaNkaN Com) Sun Buwen said "Besides his strength is stronger than ours He can go deeper into the chaos Taking us with him can only be a burden"

"Oh let's hurry up I don't know what we can get this time" Sun Buwu nodded and looked at the space around him his eyes full of light [Search for the latest updates at Dijing flew alone in the chaos surrounded by everything gray at a glance is a layer of space Dijing step among them found that there is nothing in some spaces some are some things some magic weapons some are materials should be left after the fall of the monks who entered here before Hmm A ray of light came straight from the distance and passed by the imperial capital The imperial capital grasped it and found that it was a transparent crystal and a faint fluctuation of time and space emanated from it This should be the crystal of time and space Dijing looked at the transparent crystal in his hand which emitted a faint glow very charming very good-looking holding it in his hand as if it were integrated with the surrounding space without looking at it he could not feel that he was still holding something in his hand Turn the hand to put away the crystal of time and space step forward there is a huge space ahead just Dijing saw a lot of people went in came near Dijing body moved into it Roar! As soon as he stepped into the space a roar of the beast came into the ears of the imperial capital and then he saw a big mouth biting at the whole person of the imperial capital A fierce beast happened to be in the place where the imperial capital came in and when he saw the figure of the emperor capital he launched an attack without hesitation () "Humph!"! Wrath of the Emperor!

Dijing cold hum a punch out into the mouth of the beast suddenly the whole beast wailed and flew out Blowing Filling Capping combiblock the mouth kept leaving blood mixed with some meat the beast rough skin and thick meat strong defense but this punch is into the body of the beast the whole beast was instantly hit Roar! The seriously injured beast roared at the imperial capital and turned to flee Although the beast had no reason his instinct as a beast was still there and he would not stay when he felt the danger Ignoring the fleeing beast Dijing looked at the space in front of him It was a continent There was only one continent in the whole space and it was the continent of swords The whole continent was full of sword gas and the sword gas kept flying making a clanging sound The whole space was filled with the sharp air of swords Looking up at the continent a sword was inserted in the land As far as the eye could see they were everywhere covering the whole land As soon as the footsteps moved the imperial capital fell on the land and immediately saw the swords around his feet shaking one after another making a clanging sound and then flew up on his own The tips of the swords all pointed to the imperial capital All the swords were emitting cold light The breeze blew and the clanging sound went straight into people's minds

Swish! Swish! Swish! All the swords were stabbed at the imperial capital in an instant and the light of the swords tore the breeze and with the killing gas they included all the space and stabbed all parts of the imperial capital The location of the imperial capital is on the edge of the mainland With a slight look the imperial capital can find that every sword here is a fairy ware These are just ordinary fairy wares at the foot As far as the imperial capital can see all the swords there are fairy wares That is to say all the countless swords on the whole land are fairy wares The more to the center the more powerful water bottling line they are Ding! Ding! Ding The imperial capital did not dodge and the immortal swords stabbed him with a'tinkling 'sound which could not cause any harm to him at all As soon as the footsteps moved the imperial capital went to the interior of the mainland Along the way the sound of steel and steel kept ringing After the imperial capital was far away the swords flew back and inserted into the original place The imperial capital did not stop at all and soon walked out of the range of the ordinary immortal sword The mainland was about tens of thousands of miles around and the outermost part was about ten thousand miles wide It was the largest number here The closer to the center the higher the level of the immortal sword

At this time the imperial capital entered the range of the immortal weapon Looking up Dijing saw that there were six people in this range and those who entered here were at least the cultivation of Xuanxian so no one would be afraid of these immortal level swords Those people were constantly holding the immortal swords at their feet However to the slight surprise of Dijing the six people all had an expression of chagrin Careful observation Dijing found that no matter how those people collected the immortal sword around did not decrease at all Dijing was startled waved and grabbed a sword and received it in his body Eh Soon Dijing found that the sword in his body had disappeared eerily and then looked at the swords in front of him but none of them were less or so many What's going on here Imperial capital in the heart doubt no wonder that a few people are a pair of chagrin expression see so many immortals but can not get in the hands in exchange for who will be angry gzxilinear.com

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