Reborn to Hinata on the Day of Hokage

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Uchiha Itachi looked neither humble nor pushy in his eyes and he was also very respectful to himself but he was not as difficult to approach as the rumors He did not hide anything except what he could say about his later questions He did not make up a lie perfunctorily about the reasons for lifting his rebellious status but answered honestly It depends on how Lord Hokage decides I can't tell you now! That is to say if Lord Hokage does not agree to disclose the reasons or even reposition him as a rebel he is still a rebel When Hinata saw his father's thoughtful face he was in a hurry and interjected "Teacher Tsunade will definitely restore the reputation of Brother Itachi!"! Besides Brother Itachi didn't betray Konoha! Then he took the arm of the sunflower foot and shook it with a pleading face Dad-you promised just one more person to live in our home is so big there are many rooms empty is also empty Or let him pay the rent! The sunflower foot can only be speechless to her daughter and ultrasonic cutting machine the corners of her mouth twitch slightly Rent You don't need it! "Oh yeah that's great Dad you're so kind!" The girl kissed her father on the face and immediately ran to Itachi's side and said happily "You see you see Dad agreed I said my father was very open-minded!" Sunflower foot looked at her daughter in Itachi's side so happy smile the loss in his heart is even greater he saw that Hinata likes this person but this child ah actually found such a troublesome person but also for him to keep a secret from himself about the Uchiha clan extermination reasons she was stunned to keep a secret so far alas before she would tell him anything But also on his back to act like a spoiled child making fun of her she did not forget to say "I am your daughter no matter how big who dares to laugh at me" I miss it!

Uchiha Itachi fell on Hinata's eyes but he was very satisfied squinting at the man who exudes a gentle temperament all over his body and nodded in the dark So so the strength is also strong enough even if these the key is to be good to Hinata but hum he is so a baby daughter want to chase his daughter is not so easy! And she is still young how to stay around for a few more years! The Hijikata patriarch made up his mind! Although Uchiha Itachi felt that Sunflower Foot looked at him strangely he still saluted and thanked him respectfully and he had always admired and admired the elder Thank you is not necessary after all is the five generations of Hokage arrangements I can not refute the face of the Hokage Hinata you take him to find a guest room to live You'd better wash up first and dinner will be served soon Sunflower Foot now had time to notice that Itachi's clothes were covered with dirt such as blood and dust left over from the battle and he frowned So now Uchiha Itachi is taking a bath in the bathroom of the guest room the water vapor is soon covered with the mirror again the mirror is blurred into a piece Itachi is about to wipe again his finger sweeps something on the washstand falls on the floor tile and makes a clear sound lowers his head and finds that it has been worn in the middle of his forehead The deep scratch that divided the Konoha logo into two parts ultrasonic sonochemistry machine just like the logo at this moment can never be restored to its original state! He crouched down and picked up the Konoha forehead guard Itachi clenched it in silence The pain in his heart came Every time he saw the forehead guard he would think of the puzzled and accusatory eyes of the clansmen he had killed They would come to ask him whenever he was alone So he had no dream and no right to be happy Their accusatory eyes had been pestering him The pressure is making him breathless! "Brother Itachi have you finished washing" The door of the bathroom was knocked Hinata's clear voice sounded outside the door Itachi who was addicted to endless sadness woke up and opened the door with a little anxiety and saw the girl who still kept knocking at the door staring at him with a big smile

Yes Hinata she's here! His hope his happiness is to be with her all the time! Hinata looked at Itachi stupidly the water stains on his body had not yet been wiped dry his hair was still dripping wet the smile on his face was softer than ever and the smile from his heart made the girl's heart beat uncontrollably and the hot air in the bathroom came to his face a little hot and Hinata felt sweating on the tip of his nose His eyes unconsciously followed the drops of water rolling down his cheeks from his chin to his neck to his flat chest "Oops!" Finally the girl blushed so red that she almost smoked and buried her head in the clothes she was holding in her hand "I" I'm here to To deliver clothes Yes this This is My father's You You put it on first! The girl who had always been cheerful could not speak well ultrasonic dispersion machine Hearing Itachi's light laughter Hinata grasped the clothes in her hands and buried her head even deeper As she was taking a bath it suddenly occurred to her that Itachi didn't have a change of clothes at all After washing them hastily she rushed to her father's place to look for clothes that Itachi could wear It wasn't that she hadn't thought about Ningji Sometimes Ningji would live in Zongjia but Itachi's brother was taller than Ningji and was not suitable for wearing He turned over a suit of clothes from his father's wardrobe and brought it over She wanted to pass it in at the door but Brother Itachi suddenly opened the door Brother Itachi was wearing a bath towel She was blushing and her heart was beating! What a shame!

Thinking about it I grasped the clothes in my hands more tightly! ¡°¡­¡­ Can you give me the clothes Itachi pulled the clothes in Hinata's hand but did not move and asked in a funny way With another exclamation Hinata quickly let go and turned around at the speed of light and ran away Hinata The weasel made a sound in time and stopped the girl who had already jumped out of the guest room ¡­¡­ Is there anything else Hinata did not turn around did not look at him slowly calmed down and spoke much more fluently I don't know where the restaurant is Can you wait for me and go with me "Well hurry up I'll wait for you outside!" Hearing the sound of Itachi rubbing his clothes Hinata lowered his head opened the door and ran out With the sound of the door closing Itachi grinned in a good mood His Hinata was so pure and lovely that people couldn't help holding him in their arms!

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