The most affordable August Smart Lock is $50 cheaper today

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The most affordable August Smart Lock is $50 cheaper today

Sometimes smart home devices are loved by everyone, and sometimes opinions differ. That’s the case with today’s deal, the third-generation August Smart Lock, which is $100 at Amazon today. That’s close to $32 off its most recent sale price, and a full $50 off its retail price.To get more news about best commercial security company, you can visit official website.

Now, here’s the thing. Our TechHive colleague and smart home guru, Christopher Null, didn’t really like the third-generation August Smart Lock, giving it 2.5 out of five stars. Amazon users, however, rate it four out of five and seem to love it as of this writing. We’d recommend having a look at our review (link above), and then reading reviews and comments on Amazon to make up your own mind. At only $100 it might be worth the risk. That’s a steep discount.
The third-gen August Smart Lock comes in silver or dark gray. It allows for keyless entry to designated people, and it can monitor who is entering and exiting the home. You can give keyless access to different people for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or permanently—it’s up to you. It also attaches to your existing deadbolt so you don’t have to get a new set of keys.

The lock is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant for locking the door with just your voice—a handy tool when you’re in bed and aren’t sure if you locked up for the night. Echo users also get a nifty feature that lets you combine Alexa with an August Doorbell Cam and an Echo Show or Spot to unlock your door with a voice command and a PIN while watching the door’s video feed.
5. Danalock V2
Danalock V2 looks very much like August Smart Lock, and it is also retrofitted into your existing deadbolt. It is very easy to use and you can use your smartphone.

You can also use either the Twist Assist or userbutton function. Installation is also fast and easy, plus you can get help from a smart wizard that comes free with the mobile app.

It uses both Z-Wave and Bluetooth. You can have it work with other connected devices. For instance, Danalock will be able to turn on all the lights in the living room and in the hallways, once you unlock it at night and then turn off the lights when you leave for work.

Danalock V2 is very secure as it uses the best encryption available now. You can send unlimited keys to other people, and grant them limited or full access. You can remotely access your lock and get a log of people who unlocks or locks your front door.

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