Princess is not a good person: forced to marry a demon, Your Highness

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Then step by step to her Gong Qingfei ignored the pain on her body Holding back the pain he looked at her with fear on his face and said in a weak voice "Who are you You" What do you want to do The night Phoenix crouched down and reached out to pinch her jaw Looking at her eyes holding hands tightly together as if trying to endure something Only to see her eyes flash Gong Qingfei two eyes a stare then fainted The night Phoenix reached out and picked her up Turn around and look at the end of the season I'll ask you one last time "Do you want to go back with this palace" You only have one month At the end of the season he looked down at Gong Qingfei in his arms mobile racking systems and said with a smile "I'll answer for the last time" "There's nothing more to say between you and me" "Night Phoenix if you must ask me to go back with you" "Yes" There was a flash of joy in the eyes of the night Phoenix But this joy can only be a flash Because next he heard the end of the season from the voice "or kill Gong Qingfei I go with you" "Or kill me and carry my body back" "When the time comes you can also freeze me in the ice room so that I will be with you all my life" Ye Huang's expression changed There was something rushing in his eyes Do you know that once you draw a clear line with the palace in the future whether you live or die the palace will not be in charge At the end of the season he nodded "I know" "Do you know that once you break away from the Phoenix Palace you will be the enemy of the Phoenix Palace" "You know everything about the Phoenix Palace How can I trust you to leave" It turned out that he was afraid that she would betray him The end of the season is very bitter in my heart Doesn't he even trust himself on this point Even if all the people in the world wanted him dead she would never be one of them She smiled coldly sarcastic and mocking "Then you can kill me" Dead people He won't say anything

The eyes of the night phoenix tightened and the cold light flashed in the seductive eyes He closed his eyes gently and seemed to be thinking about something After a while the seductive eyes slowly opened again He hooked his lips smiled seductively and seductively and said softly "Good little Lier" "I will let you go" "Remember this palace only gives you one month" He Will you marry her "One month if this palace finds you again then in this lifetime you will never escape from this palace again" The wind blew in outside the window In early spring it will not be very cold Even if the wind is blowing asrs warehouse it is cool But I felt very cold at the end of the season It seems that the cold wind of winter is blowing in from the window Cold to the bone She stared at the night Phoenix He finally let her go Although it's only a month's time However if it were not for the imperial concubine this month's time he could not give himself His eyes are too complicated There are too many emotions in it She couldn't tell whether it was the joy of regaining the imperial concubine or something else that was surging in her strange eyes One month Wait until a month later he will not want to find himself again He is accompanied by Gong Qingfei where will he be lonely He Will you marry her It will never be like the time I married myself Must be attach great importance to her especially as a treasure She had already thought of all this But why at this moment the heart is so painful so painful This is the real difference She is the only one who suffers She gazed at him deeply After that I will never see him again This glance she will always remember Remember that she was in love Remember that she once loved such a person deeply Even if this love brings her pain and parting in the end The pain in the heart of the night Phoenix He only felt that the eyes staring at him seemed to have thousands of words condensed in them

It seems that there is unspeakable sadness and pain in it That kind of eyes let him sad also let him heartache How he wanted to reach out to cover her eyes He didn't like the look in her eyes You still lost It was as if this was the last time they met As if from now on in this life they will never see each other again As if is in the permanent parting He has already said that it is only a month's time A month later when he had finished everything he would go to her Did she think he was really going to let her go She can't Don't think he'll let her go Small glass son run far away had better be let this palace also can't find you again After saying that he turned away with Gong Qingfei in his arms The servant girl standing on one side had long been too frightened to speak Seeing that the night Phoenix was about to leave with the imperial concubine in her arms she came forward to stop him as if she had just woken up from a dream Has not opened his mouth the night phoenix head also did not return just a wave of sleeves The servant girl's body flew out like a kite with a broken line It hit the wall heavily with a bang Two eyes a stare then no breath When he was about to leave he turned his head and took a deep look at the end of the season The white shadow flashed and disappeared without a trace in an instant At the end of the season he looked at heavy duty cantilever racks the servant girl lying on the ground who had no breath and shook her head gently He was already in a murderous mood This servant girl is undoubtedly asking for her own death Things are the same as she imagined Gong Qingfei was taken away by him

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