Doomsday Train [Infinite Flow] --Zhao Anyu

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Last night Does it have anything to do with me Bai Han secretly recalled that when he climbed the tunnel back he heard a huge noise underground Old Liu testifies to him "May not the day before yesterday is really quite good the small cypress you have not looked then the thick shield clamps two halves" When her mother walks the dog she also shows off to the dog aunt in the community that the little black dog never urinates and defecates at random Does the scorpion have such a high IQ The passage was quiet and alumina c799 peaceful and the two men who went in were like mud cattle into the sea without any news Another guard at the entrance of the passage thinking of his companion waved to a guard at the nearest corner to enter together Xiaobai listen to Mr Liu are you all hiding in the air-raid shelter No wonder we all thought that there was no one in China This time I'll send a car back with you to move everything you can I'll live in Jiujiang City in the future There are so many people The warm words were interrupted by a sudden shout "Help Chief" Then it came to an abrupt end like being cut by scissors Jiang Jun jumped up angrily and roared with spittle "Are you all pigs"

Why are you so stupid Can't you coax the little scorpion There are guests here! Turn round is all over the face smile again "See laugh everybody see laugh see laugh" Bai Han suddenly remembered that the iron pillar of the coolie camp commented on Jiang Jun's words "He is a madman" The leader of Jiujiang City is really not normal He regards the scorpion as his own child Jiang Jun stretched out his hand and pointed at the two groups of bodyguards and shouted in a harsh voice "You go in and hurry up" Instead of obeying orders the four bodyguards flinched and retreated Jiang Jun rushed over to kick and punch the leader and pinched his neck with his feet "Go quickly!" The chief guard did not dare to struggle but did not move at his feet "Chief you take us 7g Ozone Generator in together we are really really" What are you afraid of Go in 4 small scorpion is early satiate! Jiang Jun mercilessly said suddenly found slip of the tongue back to the guests to remedy the kind smile "It is a temper" Nevertheless he walked angrily towards the passage and the curtain was thrown aside When to do it The situation is getting more and more strange feeling uneasy Bai Han looked at Lao Liu Shen Baifu several people also even winked but the first floor passenger calmly made a "wait a minute" gesture probably to wait for the scorpion to show up it is the most dangerous Bai Han put down the teacup and conveniently put the thermos cup in front of him "They have been hiding inside for so long are they stuffy" Looking to his side Shen Baifu was so nervous that he touched his body subconsciously from time to time Unfortunately Bao Dao was not there Zhang Lin was also very uneasy fiddling with the golden pompoms decorated at the hem of her dress More and more thick bloody gas came out along the channel surrounded by a pool of blood hell several people had to hold their breath 10g Ozone Generator The peculiar smell of mutton on the body of a snake and scorpion was particularly strong but the small snake with cold cypress did not and she looked around doubtfully 

Instead it was clipped into three sections like a toothpick The black scorpion turned a blind eye to the emerging obstructionist and pursued its prey with perseverance The scorpion's tail was raised high and the three pairs of claws under its body were flipped at a high speed 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate and could not be seen at all Several other people also came to the rescue constantly blocking the sofa wooden cabinet in front of the black scorpion but nothing could stop the beast's footsteps The helpless guard shouted in panic "Here we go again" and ran up the steps to the upper floor Why is it chasing me like crazy This is the first time I've seen it Does it feel threatened Yes last night I took the snake into the upper floor across the floor it felt the snake breath crazy killing so Jiang Jun had to postpone the time to meet us between calcium carbide light and fire Bai Han wanted to know the whole story more confidence in the snake but did not dare to stop at all What can I do "Scorpion!"!

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