I have a date with the campus beauty.

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Does Zheng Nannan have character Have Does Zheng Nannan have a little temper Also have Is Zheng Nannan perfect No But is she worthy of my love Worth Why Because although she has small problems small temper but as long as you love her with your heart you jacuzzi swim spa will find that those small flaws are her most lovely highlights those small flaws are her beautiful ornaments Zheng Nannan's perfection is impeccable Small four eyes do not speak he can not speak because he really can not say blasphemous words Zheng Nannan Zheng Nannan is a kind girl as long as a little conscience can not say that Zheng Nannan is not good Xiao Siyan has a conscience so he doesn't speak I looked at him with a sneer and said say something Why don't you speak Tell you Lao Tzu is a single-minded man I will always be single-minded with Zheng Nannan in my life! Let me be with Li Nuo again it's impossible it's impossible forever My throat is a little sore to think that I really can't be with Li Nuo again The life of three people is really beautiful sometimes but it's just every man's dream It's impossible It will never be possible Li Nuo and Zheng Nannan are my favorite girls

If you get one you will lose one Now that Li Nuo and I have broken up naturally I will concentrate on Zheng Nannan I really can't make a cruel choice between the two of them Even if they are really reluctant to be with me they will not be happy As my dad once said no girl wants to stand next to someone in the same wedding dress as someone else Small four eyes seem to think of something he hesitated to say why can't you be with them at the same time as before Looking at the innocent look of Xiao Siyan I smiled I patted him on the shoulder like a child and said "Son don't make a scene It's just 5 person hot tub a ridiculous farce" If you really like Li Nuo don't mind your own business That's our business not yours! When I finished I turned around and walked away I really couldn't talk to such a childish child We are always two worlds I can think of he can never think of I almost walked out of the toilet door I heard the small four eyes said coldly do you have the heart to continue to watch Li Nuo cry I smiled shook my head and said nothing Wife please forgive me for being so cruel to you But I want you to be happy and I really want you to be happy You can't be happy with three people at the same time can you (Night Book Pavilion http//yeshugecom) Chapter 281 the eve of the end of the term One second to remember the yeshuge Com of the Night Book Pavilion no pop-up window no wrong words After I came out of the toilet when I passed by Xiao Siyan's dormitory I put a thousand yuan on their desk I asked them who is the head of your dormitory A boy who smoked my cigarette was afraid and said "Brother Yang yes it's me" I looked at him and nodded and then said take this thousand yuan to change a new door and then come to me if it is not enough jacuzzi bath spa The head of their dormitory didn't dare to take it He told me "Brother Yang you don't need so much" Of course I knew I didn't need so much I smiled and said that I would treat my brothers to a meal with the rest of the money

When I finished I turned around and walked out When my brothers saw me go they all walked beside me We just walked down the stairs I heard a rush of footsteps is the small four eyes! He took my money and threw it at me but it didn't hit me A thousand yuan immediately flew up lightly Xiao Siyan shouted hysterically at me "Zhang Yang I don't want your stinking money!"! A thousand yuan is really nothing to us Shang Yan and Zhao Feng and I smiled disdainfully and turned to walk on Small four eyes shouted behind me Zhang Yang I will not let you go certainly not! The nonsense of the little four eyes brought back my memories and I sat on the table and stared out of the window Shang Yan handed me a cigarette then sighed and said what's wrong Still thinking about Li Nuo I smiled and 4 person jacuzzi said nothing Shang Yan was silent for a while and then said if you like her stay with her I thought about it and said I really want to be with Li Nuo but I can't make Zheng Nannan unhappy I can't help asking what about Zheng Nannan Shang Yan thought for a while and said Salad! Salad It's not the same as not saying I took Shang Yan's words as nonsense but he asked me what do you say I was surprised and said how about what Shang Yan grinned and said Salad! I'm surprised to say that there is such a way as cold dressing Shang Yan proudly said of course! I asked Shang Yan how to make the salad Shang Yan said with a bad smile soldiers will block water to soil flooding I understand what Shang Yan means He asked me to find Li Nuo and make up with Li Nuo We will talk about the two partners later To be honest I really admire Shang Yan's careless character If I were half as good as him I'm afraid I wouldn't be so upset now Well I think it's not so easy to make up with Li Nuo Li Nuo's character is very stubborn and the things he has decided are hard to change To make up with her depends on whether she is willing to make up with me Hey let's talk about things in the future Let nature take its course

The days that followed passed quickly Study make trouble with Wang Shuo eat with Zheng Nannan every day is the life of three points and one line With two beautiful women Wang Shuo and Zheng Nannan helping me with my homework my academic performance has improved by leaps and bounds Mid-term exam "this time I want to praise Zhang Yang why" Because Zhang Yang is the 24th in the class this time and the age is 142! It must be obvious to everyone what his previous achievements are You should see how hard Zhang Yang works I hope you can learn from him! Looking at the students american hot tub some jealousy some doubts and some unconvinced appearance I spoke in my heart a group of silk you wait for the elder brother see how I surpass you! Sleeping time passed quickly and as the summer passed quietly snowflakes fell gently outside Pow! Wang Shuo made a cup of milk tea and put it on my desk Wang Shuo said "Yang Yang you are awesome This month you are in the twentieth place in the class If you work so hard again your sister will be surpassed by you!" monalisa.com

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