Tyrant, I'm from MI9.

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However in an unknown corner a young girl of only eleven years old was squatting beside a dry well in a desolate atrium burning a brazier and throwing in the last string of paper money in her hand! Two months later the imperial mausoleum of Canglang Mountain Stainless Steel Welded Pipe was successfully built This huge mausoleum which lasted 13 years was prepared by Emperor Yunliang of Xichuan for his centenary death As the supervisor of this project the Grand Duke of Qingyang in the northern fief who consumed countless manpower material resources and gold and silver treasures was naturally full of oil and water Within sixteen years the carriage that secretly transported goods to Xiling City was almost never cut off Tomorrow is an important day for him to return home The concubines of the entire Moshi Mansion fell into a new round of struggle Do you think you can pull the wool over your eyes this time

A clear voice suddenly sounded behind him and Zhaonan slowly turned his head and looked at the young commoner dressed no more than 12 or 13 years old his eyes full of caution and precaution She squinted around and saw no one around "Who are you" She asked in a deep voice "I am the son of the gardener of Ming Nanyuan My name is Qin Sheng" Although the young man was young his eyebrows and eyes were bright his face was handsome and his coarse clothes could not hide his outstanding temperament Holding a small hoe to shovel the earth he came forward slowly and said softly "The Grand Duke is coming back Do you think you can really deceive the world" When Mo Zhaonan heard this his face stagnated and his small body trembled slightly He looked coldly at Qin Sheng with a pair of eyes that were completely out of line with her age He said in a deep voice "What do you mean by that" With a slight smile Qin Sheng took out a piece of rice paper from his sleeve which was full of beautiful small letters and said lightly "Do you want me to make it clear" Zhaonan's pupils opened wide in an instant then his eyes narrowed slightly after a brief silence Suddenly I saw Zhaonan's small body suddenly rushed forward and threw Qin Sheng to the ground Although Qin Sheng is a boy but how also did not expect this looks weak and young girl will suddenly have such a fierce move do not check for a while unexpectedly was thrown by her See Zhaonan grabbed the rice paper in Qin Sheng's hand tore it to pieces stuffed it into his mouth a few times chewed and swallowed and moved at one go without procrastination By the time Qin stood up in exasperation Mo Zhaonan had already tidied up his clothes and stood up like a man He squinted at the boy's face and said in a faint tone "Well please make it clear" Qin was so angry that he opened his mouth and said loudly "Do you think you'll be all right if you tear up that piece of paper" If you kill the Sixth Lady sooner or later you will be found out by the Grand Duke and thrown into the borer lake to feed the crocodiles! "Bold!" Zhaonan suddenly gave a sharp shout The girl who looked petite and small was angry at the moment She had a kind of momentum that ordinary people could not match She stepped forward and stared straight into Qin Sheng's eyes She said in a cold voice "Even if our three rooms are no longer powerful I am also the biological daughter of my father My mother is the daughter of the chief of the southern county" It's the third wife of the Grand Duke who is being married by the matchmaker How dare you commit the following crime today and slander me Do you know what a great crime you have committed There are so many wild animals in Bollworm Lake It seems that you can't wait to have a try! Qin Sheng was dumbfounded completely did not expect that only a moment of kung fu was taken the initiative by this girl he was tongue-tied and could not speak Stainless Steel Square Pipe Zhao Nan smiled and said indifferently "Mrs Hua Ning has always been harsh In the past seven years she has made countless enemies" You should say that I killed her Isn't that ridiculous I think you are a first offender and you are still young and you have no intention so I will forgive you once If you don't talk nonsense in the future I'll pretend I haven't seen you at all today Otherwise the strict family law of Mo Fu will be waiting for you in the Hall of Punishment! Qin Sheng looked at the girl in front of him who was two years younger than himself and kept saying "Let you go when you are young" He was so angry that he opened his mouth and said "Do you think if you destroy that no one will know what you have done In the past six months you have investigated Mrs Hua Ning's preferences work and rest rules clothing spices and the situation of the maids in the room which will surely fall into the eyes of those who are interested Even if I don't pick up your notes it will be exposed in the future The Grand Duke dotes on Lady Hua Ning and he hates fighting in different rooms If you are discovered you will surely die without a burial place!

Qin Sheng looked at the small figure gradually disappeared in the flowers only to feel the scalp suddenly tingling Thought a little while just stamped next foot suddenly cry softly "I am not …" And then he caught up with him In the dark greenhouse the old doctor of Mo Fu shuttled back and forth and several experienced women cheered around the Grand Duke 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel of Qingyang Qingyang Grand Duke dressed in a long purple fur robe was supposed to return to the mansion tomorrow but now he appeared in the greenhouse of the Third Lady for the first time with long eyebrows and a smile on his face Mo Zhaonan stood at the door of the greenhouse his face pale Congratulations Grand Duke! Grand Duke He Xi!    sxthsteel.com

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