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Ten thousand bones throne this is what a terrible existence this is a door three emperors in the eastern frontier can be called invincible! (To be continued) Chapter 431 if you want to punish why do you have no words Qiu Rong late snow also can not help a wry smile she did not know what to say although she also can not bear to see them but Li Qiye said this is too crazy unexpectedly offended the throne of ten thousand bones in case this matter is really spread to the ears of the throne of ten thousand bones I am afraid it will bring disaster Qiu Rong late snow she wanted to stop Li Qiye to say such words are too late this is really spread 304 Stainless Steel Coil out even if Li Qiye has nine lives is not enough to live Li Qiye's words immediately made Prince Yinyue's face cold Although the ghost clan of Yinyue is only a second-rate sect in Youjiang even if it is a second-rate sect it is also a giant compared with the human race in Youjiang In the world of Yousheng except Yaoyun the forces of the human race in other places are very weak In these places the human race can have the strength of a second-rate school which is already a very powerful existence

In the eyes of Prince Yinyue Li Qiye a younger generation of the human race is just an ant Now Li Qiye dares to speak so wildly How can it not make him furious Things that do not know whether they are alive or dead how can you be a place where an ant is unbridled Yinyue prince great anger blood gas rushed up such as big waves he did not have to make a move blood gas to Li Qiye crushing away to rely on powerful blood gas to grind Li Qiye into a bloody rain For Prince Yinyue Li Qiye is just an ant and one finger can crush him Prince Yin Yue suddenly made a move and Qiu Rong's face sank while Li Qiye just squinted his eyes Don't fight on my ferry boat! At this moment that ferryman on the ferry boat said feebly Although the words of the ferryman are weak but it is very weighty Yin month prince face a change immediately took back the blood gas to crush Li Qiye In the capital city no matter the local residents such as ghosts or ferrymen as long as they come to the capital city they are not willing to be enemies with them It is not wise to be enemies with the local residents of the capital city It is not easy to leave alive with them Hum junior I'll spare your life for the time being Prince Yin Yue snorted coldly and although he was unwilling to swallow the breath in his heart he did not want to offend the ferryman Li Qiye didn't even bother to look at him The ferry made the boat disappear on the sea while the prince of the moon standing at the bow of the boat looked coldly at Li Qiye's back when they disappeared Your Royal Highness as long as they go ashore they can be dealt with at any time Black cloud young master is busy is said to the prince of the moon Prince Yin Yue's eyes were cold and he snorted coldly revealing a terrible murder in his eyes Li Qiye's ferry boat finally docked They jumped down from the ferry boat When they were down-to-earth Peng Zhuangliu could not help breathing a sigh of relief and then they could not help getting excited Hey let's go into town and see what's for sale Peng Zhuang could not help patting his pocket looking like an upstart 304 Stainless Steel Bar This can not blame him each of them now has an astonishing number of night sun fish even if the descendants of Emperor Tong Xianmen fishing in the night sea for three years they do not necessarily have more night sun fish If in the capital city now they are really rich can buy a lot of things they want of course want to buy good things or need to have a good chance have a good vision Compared with Peng Zhuang's upstart mentality Qiu Rong as the patriarch can still be calm Now she has a night sun fish which is really amazing However she is the patriarch after all unlike Peng Zhuang who is so excited that she can't sleep Qiurong Wanxue looked at Li Qiye beside her and said "Where is Mr Li going" Li Qiye looked at the mature and beautiful woman in front of him and said with a smile "Chief Qiu Rong is going to go with me" This is also a good choice The capital city is full of ghosts How lonely it is to walk alone Li Qiye's flirtatious words made Qiu Rong Wanxue angry and annoyed She wanted to stare at Li Qiye mercilessly However she still suppressed the anger in her heart She had the elegance and calmness of a family She said "Let's give Mr Li a ride" It turned out that Chief Qiu Rong was worried about my safety

"Li Qiye smiled and understood Qiurong Wanxue's intentions Qiurong Wanxue was afraid that Prince Yinyue would seek revenge on him so he intended to give him a ride" Qiurong Wanxue looked at Li Qiye and said calmly and elegantly "Mr Li has got so many night sun fish for us If Mr Li is in trouble we should do our best" Although Qiurong Wanxue knew that sheltering Li Qiye in this way would bring trouble to their Snow Shadow Ghost Clan she was still willing to escort Li Qiye for a ride She was a grateful person This time Li Qiye helped them catch so many night Yang fish They should also help Li Qiy Patriarch let's talk as we go Maybe Prince Yinyue will catch up Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe with them later Peng Zhuang looked at the night sea and said to the patriarch All the little ones are also worried about Li Qiye They are fearless about the Black Cloud Young Lord However the Ghost Clan of the Moon is not what they can afford Nevertheless Li Qiye is in trouble and they are still willing to help Qiurong Wanxue also cut off the machine and said "Let's leave here first" Said to take everyone away from the night sea For Qiu Rong late snow their enthusiasm Li Qiye can not help smiling since they are a heart then he does not refuse You're in such a hurry to leave Are you guilty of being a thief However not long after Qiurong Wanxue left the night sea someone came with a team in front of them and blocked Li Qiye's way This man was the Black Cloud Young Lord of the Black Cloud Ghost Clan and more than a dozen disciples of the Clan At this time as soon as they stopped Li Qiye they assumed a tense posture For a while the atmosphere was tense to the extreme It's you little nigger again Peng Zhuang gave a sneer and said "Why just because you want to stop us!"! Are you tired of living He could not help rubbing his hands as he spoke The Snow Shadow Ghost Clan and the Black Cloud Clan are feuds Now the Black Cloud Young Lord comes to find fault Peng Zhuangliu is very angry about it They will never be soft on the enemy sxthsteel.com

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