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Yi Zecheng chose such a young team at the beginning because of this consideration But Yi Zecheng did not expect that when he called his girlfriend first said that she did not miss him but asked him if he had seen the documentary He lowered his voice and warned "Miss Huo it's not working time now" In fact he is now sitting in the office easy to choose the city has always been a strong action can finish today's things will not be in arrears until tomorrow Years of work experience pallet rack shelving as a surgeon can not help him to have a trace of arrears after all the condition will not wait for anyone I think the ability of the time window is very strong I know Wei Lai has always wanted to make a long drama film in fact if a good book he can try this or even Huo Ci did not care about his words and went on She has always been very fond of the young documentary team of Time Window After all they were comrades in arms in Africa Huo Ci "Yi Zecheng suddenly called out her name the voice was a little low but also with a bit of danger so that Huo Ci who was in high spirits could not help but stop" Then she heard him ask in a faint voice "Are you going to keep talking about other men in front of me" Huo Ci "…" For his jealous reason Huo Ci really did not know whether to laugh or cry It wasn't until he said softly "You've only been away for a few hours that I miss you"

When two people are not together both of them are used to being lonely and they are alone wherever they go Sometimes with a backpack you can start a journey Huo Ci has done such a thing and Yi Zecheng has also done it But now two people together the bottom of my heart has the existence of each other two people have stood alone on the altar Suddenly contaminated with the smell of human fireworks he is no longer the arrogant and indifferent Mr Yi and she is not a photographer as high as snow I will go to Shanghai to pick you up next week "said Yi Zecheng before hanging up the phone" Because of this sentence Huo Ci has been waiting for ah and even has a feeling of impatience Until two days before the end of the photo exhibition Yi Zecheng finally flew to Shanghai He went to Japan before and came back before the end of Huo Ci's photo exhibition because he promised that as long as it was her photo exhibition he would come When he came in Huo Ci was lying on the railing with his camera in his hand When he came through the door she held up her camera to take a picture of him Until he heard the sound of the camera clicking upstairs raised his head originally cold and indifferent face in an instant emerged a faint smile Under the lens his face was so handsome that people could not move their eyes even though it was magnified several times in front of her eyes which made her heart beat faster for a moment Although it was near the end there were still a lot of people in the museum The popularity of Shanghai Station is even worse than that of Beijing When she and Yi Zecheng went in many people turned their heads and looked over They walked side by side Although there was no intimate action they had a magnetic field that only each other could feel As soon as you look up you can see each other and there is no room for others in your eyes After returning to Beijing the next day medium duty racking I arrived at home at noon Yi Zecheng rarely went out of the company and took a nap at home with Huo Ci in his arms In the evening he got up first to take a shower and when he came back he opened the wardrobe and chose a suit Huo Ci was still sleeping in bed Seeing him looking for clothes he asked "Do you still want to go out" He gave a little hum and after choosing a blue suit he suddenly said "It's not that I'm going out it's that we're going out" "Where to" I don't want to go anywhere I just want to stay at home "With that Huo Ci rolled around on the bed specially" Yi Zecheng's voice was quite natural "Go home I told my family you go back to dinner with me today" Huo Ci gave a lazy hum and then she froze Half a minute later she turned her head stiffly and asked "What did you say" "Today we have to go back to the courtyard for dinner My dad will be home in an hour We'd better clean up early" Before Yi Zecheng had finished he saw the man on the bed jump up

vance" Then the whole bedroom fell into a kind of manic depression and Huo Ci quickly went to take a shower and dry his hair Thanks to the interview these days her hair is just maintained still soft and smooth even the new perm style is maintained well But it could have looked better The next step is to find clothes Huo Ci's cloakroom is the most perfect cloakroom in a woman's mind It is full of the latest clothes of the season some of which are sent by the brand and some of which she bought herself Every one of them was the designer's elaborate work but in this way she did not choose it well until the end It was Yi Zecheng who pressed her shoulder and let her wear a white tunic dress which soothed her When the car arrived at the gate of the General Political Department compound his car stopped for a while because the railing had not yet been raised The soldier standing guard at the gate was already familiar with him and made a standard salute Huo Ci has never been in contact with a military family although he has always known his background before now suddenly contact the bottom of my heart is still a little shocked When the car drove inside it happened to meet a group of soldiers on patrol each wearing a pine branch green uniform upright posture unified action everywhere showing a sense of seriousness Even where he drives by there are red stars from time to time and this compound is where he has been living Have you lived here since you were a child Huo Ci couldn't help being curious Yi Zecheng nodded and the car slowed down He pointed not far away and said "I used to live in that apartment building and then I moved to the back" Huo Ci asked him "Why" Yi Zecheng was silent and said lightly "Because my father was promoted" When he arrived at the place where the Yi family now lived he stopped heavy duty rack manufacturers the car Huo Ci sat in the passenger seat and when he reached out to unfasten his seat belt he did not even press it twice Yi Zecheng turned from the front of the car opened the door and unfastened her seat belt He looked at her held her palm and suddenly smiled "Scared" Huo Ci rarely did not try to be brave and she nodded

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