Ohlson Brand Linear Weigher Systems

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Ohlson Brand Linear Weighing & Counting Systems – available in stainless or painted steel – are an ideal solution for automating your highly repetitive, labor-intensive processes. Systems are customizable and typically range from single-lane to eight-lane models. Each lane typically does the work of four to five hand packers.Get more news about top quality linear weigher,you can vist our website!
Measure and dispense products with great accuracy and speed with JORESTECH® PARALLAX line of linear scales. Capable of weighing a wide range of dry products, from granular powders to small pieces of irregular shapes and sizes; JORESTECH® PARALLAX machines are used to dispense snacks, candies, coffee, chocolates, cookies & pastries, flakes, cheese, vegetables, chemicals, pet food, frozen foods, grains, and pharmaceutical and general use products among others. Users benefit from the increased production capacity, the dependability and ease of use, the reduced operational and material costs, and the compact all-in-one design of the JORESTECH® PARALLAX machine series.

The systems are designed to be modular – start with one or two lanes today, and – when needed – scale up your production by adding additional capacity.
Automate repetitive processes for major time and labor cost savings
Rugged build means your investment will last for years/decades
Fully modular—increase throughput simply by adding more
Custom software for complete upstream/downstream integration with existing or future equipment
Highly sanitary and easy to clean
Wide range of customizable specs to suit your product and business needs
Customizable specifications for weight depending on your product needs

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